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Minnesota Department of Human Services Community-Based Services Manual (CBSM)
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AASD and DSD eList announcement

Date: Dec. 7, 2017
: Lead agencies and all other interested stakeholders
: Waiver policy staff in the DHS Disability Services and Aging and Adult Services divisions
To share updates about the environmental accessibility adaptations service, vendor tracking log (DHS-7004A), exclusions from 245D licensure and reimbursement for unforeseen circumstances
: Immediately

Contact: For BI, CAC, CADI and DD waivers:; for AC and EW:

Recent CBSM and policy updates

DHS recently made multiple updates to the Community-Based Services Manual (CBSM) about:

  • The environmental accessibility adaptations (EAA) service
  • The vendor tracking log
  • Reimbursement for unforeseen circumstances
  • Exclusions from 245D licensure.
  • Updates to environmental accessibility adaptations (EAA) policy

    Lead agency staff should review the following CBSM pages for updates:

    On the updated pages, DHS added information related to:

  • • Alternative Care (AC) Program
  • • Elderly Waiver (EW)
  • • Approved waiver-amendment changes.
  • Lead agency staff should become familiar with these changes and ensure all staff follow the guidance.

    Specifically, note the following updates:

    Installation of vehicle modifications

    Under all HCBS waivers and the AC program, installation of vehicle modifications is now an approval-option: direct-delivery service. (It was previously a DHS enrollment-required service.)

    This update also is reflected on the CBSM pages Waiver/AC service provider overview and Lead agency oversight of waiver/AC approval-option service vendors and in the applicable lead agency approval materials. Lead agency staff should consult these resources and tools and integrate them into their processes.

    New construction/unfinished rooms

    DHS also updated the policy for authorizing modifications for new construction or unfinished rooms, following an approved waiver amendment change. See CBSM – Additional information about EAA for more information.

    Service limit exception (BI, CAC, CADI and DD only)

    Lead agency staff may request an exception to exceed the annual $40,000 EAA service limit for a person on the BI, CAC, CADI or DD waiver. For more information, including criteria that must be met and the process to follow, see the service amount section on CBSM – Environmental accessibility adaptations (EAA).

    New sort function on the service vendor tracking log

    To help lead agencies document their review and approval of all non-enrolled, approval-option service vendors, DHS updated the Approval-Option Service Vendor Tracking Log, DHS-7004A (PDF). It now includes instructions about how to sort vendor data. Look for this updated information on the “log instructions” tab.

    Sorting vendor data may help you identify:

  • • Outstanding vendor review tasks (e.g., vendors who need background studies)
  • • Vendors approved to deliver services
  • • Vendors who need to be reviewed again.
  • Background

    DHS programmed the tracking log to direct you through the federal and state requirements an approval-option service vendor must meet. This programming is “locked down” with data protections that disable the log’s data sorting capability. The log instructions referred to above provide a “work-around,” allowing you to sort your agency’s vendor entries.

    Waiver/AC reimbursement for unforeseen circumstances

    DHS recently created a new CBSM page to help lead agencies recover costs when there are unforeseen circumstances.

    If the person does not enroll on a waiver/AC program for any unforeseen reason (i.e., death or a significant change in condition) the lead agency may request reimbursement for expense(s) it incurred in anticipation of the person enrolling.

    For more information, see CBSM – Waiver/AC reimbursement for unforeseen circumstances.


    To reflect the changes, DHS:

    1. Updated the Reimbursement Request for Unforeseen Circumstances form, DHS-5504, (PDF)
    2. Added housing access coordination to the list of services available under this policy
    2. Added a link to the new reimbursement page from the following waiver service pages:

  • • Assistive technology
  • • Environmental accessibility adaptations
  • • Housing access coordination
  • • Transitional services.
  • Exclusions from Minn. Stat., Ch. 245D licensure

    DHS added a new CBSM page to address exclusions for 245D licensure. In some cases, a person who receives specific services can use an individual provider who meets requirements for exclusion from 245D licensure. For more information, see CBSM – Exclusions from 245D licensure.

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