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AASD and DSD eList announcement

Date: June 18, 2018
: Lead agencies, case managers, MMIS data entry staff, MnCHOICES mentors and users, other interested stakeholders
: DHS Aging and Adult Services and Disability Services divisions
To announce the following information about long-term services and supports (LTSS) rate changes:
1. All clear – Resume work in MMIS service agreements
2. MnCHOICES Support Plan (MnSP) 18.3 release
: MMIS-related questions:; all other questions:

Long-term services and supports (LTSS) rate changes for July 1, 2018

This eList contains information about:

  • All clear – Resume work in MMIS service agreements
  • New rate information included in the completed MnCHOICES Support Plan 18.3 release.
  • All clear – Resume work in MMIS service agreements

    The MMIS partial conversion for long-term services and supports (LTSS) rate changes and the DWRS framework adjustments were successful. Counties and tribal nations may resume entering and changing service agreements in MMIS.

    To identify service agreements affected by the automation process, use the following Infopac reports:

  • • MW2083A: Procedure Code Rate Increase Report LTC Waivers/AC Program
  • • MW2083B: Procedure Code Rate Increase DD Program
  • • MW2083H: Procedure Code Rate Increase for ECS Program.
  • Note: DWRS framework changes are identified on the InfoPac reports with an asterisk (*) on the report line item.

    If you need access to the Infopac reports, contact your lead agency’s MMIS Security Liaison, who will request the access.

    If you have questions about MMIS or issues that arise from the rate changes, contact the Resource Center at

    Adjustments to rates determined by the DWRS framework

    The MMIS changes to the RMS framework rates required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) are complete. DHS sent a list of service agreement lines impacted by the 7 percent rate adjustment to all lead agency rate mentors, along with detailed instructions.

    For more information about this rate adjustment, see the May 31, 2018, eList.

    The Minnesota Legislature authorized the following for services on or after July 1, 2018:

  • • 2.61 percent rate increase for home-delivered meals (S5170) for Alternative Care (AC), Elderly Waiver (EW) and Essential Community Supports (ECS)
  • • 0.03 percent increase for AC and EW monthly case-mix budget caps and consumer directed community supports (CDCS) monthly budget caps
  • • 0.58 percent increase for the ECS monthly budget.
  • DHS will post additional information, including the new service rate limits, on DHS – Long-term services and supports rate changes.

    RMS rates included in new MnCHOICES Support Plan 18.3 release

    The MnCHOICES Support Plan (MnSP) 18.3 release is complete. It included improved application functionality and RMS rate updates.

    Next step for mentors

    Mentors and users will need to complete a few steps to receive the update. The MnCHOICES Help Desk sent an email to mentors today (June 18, 2018) with step-by-step instructions to do so. Mentors should forward that information to their users.

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