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Minnesota Department of Human Services PCA Manual
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Personal Care Assistance

Provider marketing PCA services

Page posted: 11/04/13

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Legal Authority

Minn. Stat. §256B.0659, subdivisions 21(a)(10), 24(6) and 28(5)


Advertising: Form of marketing used to persuade someone to use a product or service.

Agency-initiated direct contact: Person acting on behalf of an agency makes the first connection or approaches someone about a product or service the agency directly or indirectly provides.

Marketing: Presentation of products or services in such a way as to make them desirable.

Solicit: Approach someone with a request to use a product or service.


PCA provider agencies must:

  • • Document their agency's marketing practices and costs
  • PCA provider agencies must not initiate direct contact or market Medical Assistance PCA services to:

  • • Potential PCA recipients
  • • Guardians
  • • Family members
  • Direct contact includes initiating any of the following communication methods that are used with the intent to recruit a specific individual:

  • • Electronically (such as e-mail or facsimile)
  • • In person
  • • Telephone
  • • United States mail
  • Direct contact also includes any person acting on behalf of an agency. They must not initiate recruitment of specific individuals from referral sources, such as MDs, medical clinics, hospital social worker, nursing facility social worker, mental health facility staff and so on.

    PCA Provider Agency Responsibilities

    PCA provider agencies may market PCA services using practices aimed at the public where people come to them to learn about services and someone might need PCA services. Education is often considered a part of marketing, raising the level of understanding for the consumer.

    General mass marketing practices include:

  • • Advertisement tents on tables
  • • Banners
  • • Billboards
  • • Educational event booths
  • • Internet
  • • Printed ads such as newspaper, magazine, brochure, poster, bulletin
  • • Signs
  • • Stickers, buttons
  • • Television and radio
  • • U.S. mail such as letters, brochures or postcards
  • Mailings with a salutation to specific individuals who have previously expressed interest, (they initiated first contact) in PCA services from your agency, are permitted.

    Prohibition of incentives
    PCA agencies cannot offer an incentive or bonus to a potential or current PCA recipient to choose or remain with their agency for PCA services.

    PCA provider agencies are required to keep the following documentation in their agency file:

  • • Agency marketing and advertising materials
  • Marketing activities and costs

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