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Aging and Adult Services administers state and federal programs that provide protective services, supportive assistance and alternative housing arrangements for older persons and vulnerable adults. The division also provides staffing assistance to the Minnesota Board on Aging (MBA) and Area Agencies on Aging in the administration of the federal Older Americans Act and state senior nutrition and volunteer programs.

Programs supporting older adults and their caregivers are below:

Adult Protective Services is a unit that identifies and prevents maltreatment of Minnesota's most vulnerable adults.

Group Residential Housing is a state-funded income supplement program that pays for room-and-board costs for low-income adults who have been placed in a licensed or registered setting.

The Indian Elder Program increases awareness and accessibility to services for Indian elders in urban Indian communities and on our 11 Indian reservations across Minnesota.

State Health Insurance Program counselors are trained to provide objective, confidential assistance about a variety of insurance issues.

The Office of Ombudsman for Long-Term Care works to enhance the quality of care and services individuals receive in health care and supportive service settings.

The ElderCare Development Partnership (formerly known as Seniors' Agenda for Independent Living) to increase the capacity of local long-term care services and resources to support older people in the community.

Senior LinkAge Line® is an information-and-assistance service that helps seniors and their families access services in their communities.

The Senior Nutrition Program provides nutritionally balanced meals, social contact and volunteer opportunities for older adults.

The Elderly Waiver is a program that funds home and community-based services for people age 65 and older who are eligible for Medical Assistance (MA) and require the level of medical care provided in a nursing home but choose to reside in the community.

Alternative Care is a program that supports certain home and community-based services for older Minnesotans, age 65 and over, who are at risk of nursing home placement and have low levels of income and assets.

Long-Term Care Consultation Service consultants help people and their families choose long-term care services that reflect their needs and preferences.

Minnesota Senior Health Options combines the health care and support services that normally are offered by Medical Assistance (MA) and Medicare (separate programs) into one seamless package to make it simpler for people to get these services.

Nursing Home services are bundled into a comprehensive package of room, board and nursing services.

Health Care Minnesota offers several health care programs that may help people age 65 and older pay for past, current and future medical costs.

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