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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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3 Applications

ISSUE DATE: 03/2017

Before a family can receive child care assistance, they must complete an application and meet eligibility requirements. The application must be signed.

There are three ways a family can apply for child care assistance. The method the family uses depends on their situation and the program(s) they are applying for.

  • · A Minnesota Child Care Assistance Program Application (DHS-3550) can be completed when the family is applying for CCAP only.
  • The application is available on eDocs in Hmong, Russian, Somali, Spanish and Vietnamese for families requiring an application in another language.
  • DHS-3550-HMN (PDF) Hmong
    DHS-3550-RUS (PDF)
    DHS-3550-SOM (PDF)
    A (PDF)
    E (PDF)
  • · A Combined Application – Child Care Addendum (DHS-5223D) can be completed when the family is applying for other forms of assistance (cash and/or SNAP) or the CAF has been completed and approved within the past 90 days. See Chapter 3.9 (Combined Application – Child Care Addendum).
  • · ApplyMN, Minnesota’s online application, can be completed when the family is applying for CCAP only or when the family is applying for cash, SNAP, and/or health carew with CCAP. ApplyMN is online at
  • Do not require a new application for a family moving from one child care sub-program to another when there is no interruption in service. See Chapter 4.3 (CCAP Sub-programs).

    If more than one CCAP family is living in the same household, each family must apply separately.

    Your agency must have staff available during office hours to answer program questions and advise people of their right to file an application. See Chapter 3.3 (Assistance Requests).

    Encourage people to apply for assistance in their county of residence. However, you must accept applications from residents of other Minnesota counties and immediately forward the application to the county, tribal or subcontracted CCAP agency where the applicant lives. See Chapter 3.6 (Accepting and Processing Applications).

    When a person contacts your agency:

    Advise the person of his or her right to file an application, how and where to apply, and if necessary assist the person with the application. Give or mail the person an application. See Chapter 3.3 (Assistance Requests) for the list of forms and information to include in the application packet.

    Once an application is filed:

    Request the necessary verification. See Chapter 7.3 (Verification – Initial Application). Determine eligibility and if eligible, the begin date. Notify the applicant of eligibility or ineligibility. See Chapter 12 (Notices).

    The date of application is the date a county, tribal or subcontracted CCAP agency receives a signed and dated application. The application process and processing time table start from the date the application is received by the agency. The beginning date of eligibility may differ from the date of application. See Chapter 4.12 (Date of Eligibility). Complete the application process within designated time frames. See Chapter 3.6 (Accepting and Processing Applications).


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    Minnesota Rules 3400.0035
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