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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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6 Income Eligiblity

ISSUE DATE: 08/2016

This chapter covers policies and procedures regarding income eligibility.

Count earned and unearned income received by all family members. Certain family members are exempt from having their earned income counted. See Chapter 6.6.1 (Individuals with Exempt Earned Income).

To determine income eligibility:

· Collect information regarding income received by all family members.

· Verify all included income. See Chapter 6.6 (Earned/Unearned Income).

· Determine and enter into MEC2 the following income components based on verification, if required and provided. See Chapter 6.15 (Annualizing Income).

- Payment Frequency

- Income Projection Amount

- Income Projection Payment Frequency

- Income Projection Hours Per Week

· Apply annualized income after deductions to the appropriate income limit. See Chapter 6.3 (Income Limits).

· Calculate the family copayment if eligible.

The Minnesota Child Care Assistance Program Application (DHS-3550) asks the applicant to list all income received by all family members. This includes earned income, self-employment income and unearned income. It also requests information on non-reimbursed expenses.

Applicants may also use the Combined Application Form (CAF) (DHS-5223) along with the Combined Application – Child Care Addendum (DHS-5223D) if they are applying for cash assistance and/or food support. The CAF requests the same income information as the CCAP Application.

If an application is being made for CCAP, some types of health care coverage, cash assistance, food support, and/or emergency assistance, an online application may be submitted through Apply MN requests the same income information as the CCAP Application.

Additional information is included in the following:

Sub Section















Income Limits

Earned/Unearned Income
Individuals with Exempt Earned Income

Annualizing Income

Annualizing MFIP & Earned Income

Annualizing Self-Employment Income

Annualizing Rental Property Income

Annualizing Farming Income

Annualizing Lump Sum Income

Annualizing Seasonal and Temporary Earned Income

Applicable Minimum Wage

Income Deductions

Family Copayment


Minnesota Statutes 119B.09
Minnesota Statutes 119B.011

Minnesota Statutes 256P.06
Minnesota Rules 3400.0170

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