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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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8.3 Reporting Requirements

ISSUE DATE: 08/2016

Families must report changes that affect their eligibility.

Families must report the following changes within 10 calendar days after they occurred:

· A change in earned income of $100 per month or greater.

· A change in unearned income of $50 per month or greater.

· A receipt of a lump sum payment.

NOTE: A change in income occurs on the day the participant receives the first payment reflecting the change in income.

· A change in address or residence.

· A change in employment status and hours, this includes:

- The last date of the employment activity.

- The date the last paycheck was received.

- Employment schedule.

· A change in authorized activity status, this includes:

- Education or training status.

- Education schedule.

- Job search participation.

· Child school schedule if there is a change to a different school or new school schedule.

· A change in family status.

· A change in household composition.

· A change in citizenship or immigration status for any child receiving child care assistance.

· A new rent subsidy or a change in rent subsidy.

· A sale, purchase, or transfer of real property.

· A change in a parentally responsible individual’s (PRI’s) visitation schedule or custody arrangement for any child receiving child care assistance.

· Families must report changes in provider to the CCAP agency and the provider at least 15 days prior to the change.

NOTE: A 15-day notice period is not required, when:

- A MN licensed provider’s license has been temporarily, immediately suspended OR

- There is imminent risk of harm to the health, safety, or rights of a child in the care of a legal nonlicensed provider, license exempt center, or a provider licensed by an entity other than the State of Minnesota.

The above changes must be reported, but income changes only require verification when the change affects eligibility or the amount of the assistance payment. See Chapter 7.9 (Income Verification).

Failure to meet the reporting requirement may result in overpayments

Changes may be reported:

· In person.

· By telephone.

· By facsimile.

· By mail, including electronic mail.


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