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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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11.12 Provider Registration

ISSUE DATE: 12/2018

Registration process

Before you can authorize payment to any provider, that provider must register with your county or tribe. Providers must register with the county or tribe that serves the family. Registration is the process you use to determine whether the provider chosen by a family meets the requirements necessary to receive payment from the Child Care Assistance Program.

Register and authorize care with the provider chosen by the family before making payment. See Chapter 9.3 (Payments to Providers).

Agencies should register any provider that requests to serve CCAP children and documents their eligibility using the appropriate Department of Human Services (DHS) registration forms. Providers are allowed to register even if they are not currently caring for children receiving child care assistance.

Renewing a provider’s registration

Agencies must reauthorize providers by renewing their registration at least every two years. See Chapter 11.24 (Provider renewal).

Registration materials

The agency will send a provider registration and acknowledgement packet explaining the registration process, including a request for basic information regarding the provider, the provider’s payment policies, and the provider acknowledgment to all providers. The provider must complete and sign the registration and acknowledgment form, agreeing they have read and understand the statements on the form.

Providers licensed by a state other than Minnesota, and providers licensed by a tribe, who are providing child care services in the licensing state or in the area under the licensing tribe’s jurisdiction, must provide verification of their license as part of the registration process.

Use the following letters/notices for all provider types listed below. The templates of letters/notices are on eDocs.

Materials for ALL provider types

  • Include the following attachments with all provider registration packets:
  • · Child Care Provider’s Responsibilities and Rights DHS-4079 (PDF)
  • · Notice of Privacy Practices for Child Care Providers DHS-3985 (PDF)
  • · Direct Deposit Form for the Minnesota Child Care Assistance Program DHS-3552 (PDF)
  • · Child Care Assistance Program Financial Tracking Form DHS-5318 (PDF)
  • · Minnesota Child Care Assistance Program Change Report Form DHS-7196 (PDF)
  • · Request for Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and Certification (IRS W-9). The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) W-9 needs to be sent to providers when they are being authorized for the first time on MEC2 or when being reactivated in the system. If the provider is currently authorized and active on MEC2, an IRS W-9 form does not need to be included with the packet.
  • · Any additional health and safety information your county or tribe would like to include.
  • DHS recommends making a copy of the Minnesota Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Child Care Provider Guide DHS-5260 (PDF) available to all providers.

    Materials for specific provider types

    Send the appropriate Provider Registration and Acknowledgement form based on the provider type:

    Licensed centers

    Child care centers licensed by Minnesota, another state or a tribal licensing agency

  • · CCAP Licensed Center Provider Registration and Acknowledgement DHS-5190 (PDF)
  • Licensed family child care

    Family child care providers licensed by Minnesota, another state or a tribal licensing agency

  • · CCAP Licensed Family Child Care Provider Registration and Acknowledgement DHS-7195 (PDF)
  • Certified license exempt centers

    Centers exempt from licensing that have been certified by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

  • · CCAP License Exempt Provider Registration and Acknowledgement DHS-5191 (PDF)
  • Legal nonlicensed providers
  • · CCAP Legal Nonlicensed Provider Registration and Acknowledgement DHS 5192 (PDF)
  • · Health and Safety Resource List for Parents and Legal Nonlicensed Providers DHS-5192A (PDF)
  • · Keeping children safe in your home DHS-5192B (PDF)
  • · Legal nonlicensed (LNL) child care emergency plan (DHS-7414B)
  • · CCAP Training Requirements for Legal Nonlicensed Family Providers DHS-6419 (PDF)
  • · Legally Nonlicensed (LNL) Provider Training Documentation Form DHS-3769A (PDF)
  • · CCAP Authorization for Release of Background Study DHS-5193 (PDF) NOTE: This form will be obsoleted when enhanced background studies are rolled out. See Chapter 11.9.12 (Legal nonlicensed providers – Background studies).
  • · Death, Serious Injury, Maltreatment Report Form DHS-7583 (PDF) (optional)
  • · Health and safety best practices - Resources for Child Care Assistance Program legal nonlicensed (LNL) providers DHS-5192C (PDF) (optional)
  • · Child Emergency Contact Information DHS-5192E (optional)
  • · Local Emergency Contacts DHS-5192D (PDF) (optional)
  • · Keeping Kids Safe: Child Care Provider Emergency Planning Guide DHS-7414 (PDF) (optional)
  • Legal authority

    Minnesota Statutes 119B.125
    Minnesota Statutes 119B.011, Subd. 19a

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