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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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11.18 Provider Reporting

ISSUE DATE: 04/2016

Require all providers to report IMMEDIATELY to the CCAP agency:

Child absence days when the child has been absent more than seven consecutive days.

When a child attends less than half of their authorized hours or days for a four-week period.

End of care for a child covered by child care assistance.

Any changes in initial information in the provider acknowledgment including the provider’s rate, charges for absences and holidays, any notice days required before a child discontinues care, and any required registration or activity fees.

Suspected maltreatment of minors, to the appropriate authority.

Death of a child while in the care of the provider, to the appropriate authority.



Legal nonlicensed providers and license-exempt centers must report the death to the CCAP agency.



The CCAP agency must report the death to the agency’s Technical Liaison at the Department of Human Services.

When a child’s attendance drops to less than half of their authorized hours or days for a four-week period, providers must report this in the Comments section of the Billing Form. Other attendance information may be reported on the Billing Form or by notifying the family’s caseworker.

In addition, require legal non-licensed providers to report all changes that require reauthorization. See Chapter 11.24 (Provider Reauthorization).


Minnesota Statutes 119B.125

Minnesota Rules 3400.0120 Subp. 5

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