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Advanced Dental Therapist (ADT)

Revised: 11-20-2013


Effective September 01, 2011, Legislation allows MHCP to begin enrolling individual Advanced Dental Therapists (ADT) to provide oral health services as specified within the scope of the collaborative management agreement for MHCP recipients.

ADTs providing services to enrollees in a managed care organization (MCO) must contact the MCO directly for enrollment requirements and coverage policy.

ADTs primarily provided services to low-income, uninsured and underserved recipients, or in dental care shortage areas. These settings may include assisted living facilities, federally qualified health centers (FQHC), rural health centers (RHC), community health clinics (CHC) or Indian health services (IHS). ADTs may practice in settings separate from the dentist under a Collaborative Management Agreement (CMA) with a licensed MN Dentist who provides general supervision.

The ADT:

  • • Must follow the CMA’s specific written protocols before performing any of the services authorized
  • • May supervise up to four licensed or non-registered dental assistants at any one setting as defined in the CMA
  • MHCP Enrollment Requirements

    MHCP requires ADTs to:

  • • Be licensed as a Dental Therapist and certified as an ADT by the Minnesota Board of Dentistry
  • • Hold a Minnesota Board approved Collaborative Management Agreement (CMA) with a Minnesota licensed dentist
  • • Be employed by a MHCP-enrolled group practice identified in MN Statute 150A.105 Subd. 8
  • • Enroll using their Individual National Provider Identifier (NPI)
  • ADT’s must obtain an individual NPI through National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES),

    Enrollment Process

    Dental therapists who complete statutory requirements for certification as an ADTs must update their enrollment records. Complete, sign, and Fax the following forms and related documents to MHCP Provider Enrollment at (651) 431-7462:

  • MHCP Individual Practitioner - Provider Enrollment Application (DHS-4016) (PDF)
  • • Select provider type Allied Dental Professional 31
  • • Enroll using an Individual NPI (Type 1)
  • • Indicate all group affiliations that will bill MHCP services for you
  • MHCP Provider Agreement (DHS-4138) (PDF)
  • • Copy of all applicable licenses, advanced dental therapy certificate and your ADT Collaborative Management Agreement signed and dated by a board representative
  • MHCP Provider Enrollment will notify each applicant within 30 days of receiving the signed and completed application, agreement, and Collaborative Management Agreement of their enrollment status.

    ADTs also practicing as dental hygienists under limited authorization must also complete the enrollment process that is identified at Limited Authorization Dental Hygienists

    Covered Services

    An ADT certified by the Minnesota Board of Dentistry may perform the following services and procedures within their scope of practice as identified in their written CMA under general supervision.

  • • Oral evaluation and assessment of dental disease and the formulation of an individualized treatment plan authorized by the collaborative dentist
  • • All DT procedures listed in MS 150A.105, Subd. 4 c & d
  • • Nonsurgical extractions of periodontally diseased permanent teeth with tooth mobility of +3 to +4 under general supervision if authorized in advance by the collaborating dentist
  • • May provide,dispense, and administer the following medications with the authorization of the collaborating dentist:
  • • Analgesics
  • • Anti-inflammatories
  • • Antibiotics
  • Non-Covered Services

    The ADT must not extract a tooth for a recipient if the tooth is:

  • • Unerupted
  • • Impacted
  • • Fractured
  • • Needs to be sectioned for removal
  • Services not mentioned above or not designated in the CMA.

    The ADT is prohibited from providing, dispensing, or administering a narcotic drug.


    Bill all services completed using the following:

  • • 837D format
  • • Appropriate group NPI as the pay-to provider
  • • Individual ADT NPI as rendering provider
  • Reimbursement Rates

    ADT services must be billed by an eligible MHCP enrolled group provider using the individual ADT NPI as the rendering provider to receive payment.

    Reimbursement for services provided by ADTs will be made at the rate of:

  • • 100% for ADT services
  • • 100% for Limited Authorization Dental Hygiene services by qualified ADTs also practicing under limited authorization
  • • Face to face encounter rate is reimbursed for ADTs affiliated with Rural Health Clinics (RHC), Federally Qualified Health Clinics (FQHC) or Indian Health Service (IHS)
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