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Minnesota Department of Human Services Provider Manual
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Individualized Education Program (IEP) Services

Revised: 12-05-2017


Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) pays the federal share of MHCP covered IEP health-related services for eligible children under age 21.

This online manual has replaced the IEP Technical Guide and will be the primary information resource for DHS policies, covered services, rates and billing requirements for IEP health-related services:

  • Basics for All IEP Services is general information about the IEP program and pertains to all IEP providers.
  • IEP Health-Related Services lists services alphabetically. Bulleted items under each service are specific to that service.
  • As an enrolled provider, you are responsible to check frequently for changes, updates and additions to this online manual.

    Basics for All IEP Services

    IEP Health-Related Services

    IEP Providers

    MHCP Eligible Children

    Covered and Noncovered IEP Health-Related Services

    Billing and Authorization Requirement

    Rates and Payments

    Record Keeping and Documentation

    Definitions and Acronyms

    Assistive Technology (AT) Devices

    Interpreter Services

    Mental Health Services

    Nursing Services

    Occupational Therapy Services

    Personal Care Assistance Services

    Physical Therapy Services

    Special Transportation Services

    Speech and Language Pathology and Audiology Services

    Legal References and Resources

    Minnesota Statutes Specific to Medicaid Covered IEP Services:

    125A.21 (2013 Minnesota Statue: Third Party Payment)
    (2013 Minnesota Statue: Medical Assistance Payment to School Districts)
    (2013 Minnesota Statue: Statewide Data Management System to Maximize Medical Assistance Reimbursement
    256B.0625, subd. 26
    (2013 Minnesota Statue: Covered Services – Special Education)

    Other Relevant Statutes:

    Chapter 13, Government Data Practices Act
    to 245.4889 (Minnesota Comprehensive Children’s Mental Health Act)
    * Additional parts of 256.0625

    Electronic Code of Federal Regulations:

    Title 34 Education, Part 300-Assistance to States for the Education of Children with Disabilities

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