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Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)

Revised: 09-28-2017

  • Overview
  • Eligible ACT Programs
  • Eligible Providers
  • Eligible Recipients
  • Covered Services
  • Billing
  • Legal References
  • Overview

    Assertive community treatment (ACT) means intensive nonresidential treatment and rehabilitative mental health services provided according to the assertive community treatment model. Assertive community treatment provides a single, fixed point of responsibility for treatment, rehabilitation and support needs for clients. Services are offered 24 hours per day, seven days per week, in a community-based setting.

    Eligible ACT Programs

    ACT programs must:

  • • Have a contract with a host county
  • • Be certified by DHS
  • Eligible Providers

    An ACT team is required to have the following:

  • • Team leader (licensed mental health professional)
  • • Psychiatric care provider
  • • Licensed mental health professional
  • • Registered nurse
  • • Co-occurring disorder specialist
  • • Vocational specialist
  • • Mental health certified peer specialist
  • • Program administrative assistant
  • Eligible Recipients

    Recipients eligible to receive ACT services must meet the following criteria as assessed by an ACT team:

  • • 18 years old or older (Individuals ages 16 and 17 may be eligible upon approval by the commissioner)
  • • Have a primary diagnosis of schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, major depressive disorder with psychotic features, other psychotic disorders or bipolar disorder
  • • Have a significant functional impairment demonstrated by at least one of the following:
  • • No indication that other available community-based services would be equally or more effective as evidenced by consistent and extensive efforts to treat the individual
  • • Written opinion of a licensed mental health professional that the recipient has the need for mental health services that cannot be met with other available community based services, or is likely to experience a mental health crisis or require more restrictive setting if assertive community treatment is not provided
  • Covered Services

    ACT teams must offer and have the capacity to provide the following services:

  • • Assertive engagement
  • • Benefits and finance support
  • • Co-occurring disorder treatment
  • • Crisis assessment and intervention
  • • Employment services
  • • Family psychoeducation and support
  • • Housing access support
  • • Medication assistance and support
  • • Medication education
  • • Mental health certified peer specialists services
  • • Physical health services
  • • Rehabilitative mental health services
  • • Symptom management
  • • Therapeutic interventions
  • • Wellness self-management and prevention
  • • Other services based on client needs as identified in a client's assertive community treatment individual treatment plan
  • ACT teams must ensure the provision of all services necessary to meet a client's needs as identified in the client's individual treatment plan.


  • • Bill ACT services online using MN–ITS 837P
  • • Do not provide or bill for ACT for children under 18 years old
  • Assertive Community Treatment Program







    Assertive Community Treatment Program

    1 Daily



    Forensic Assertive Community Treatment Program

    1 Daily

    Legal References

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