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Children’s Mental Health Residential Treatment

Revised: 03-05-2013

Children’s mental health residential treatment is a 24-hour-a-day program. Services are provided under the clinical supervision of a mental health professional in a community setting, other than an acute-care hospital or regional treatment center.

Children’s residential treatment must be designed to:

  • • Prevent placement in settings that are more intensive, costly, or restrictive than necessary and appropriate to meet the child’s needs;
  • • Help the child improve family living and social interaction skills;
  • • Help the child gain the necessary skills to return to the community;
  • • Stabilize crisis admissions; and
  • • Work with families throughout the placement to improve the ability of the families to care for children with severe emotional disturbance in the home.

  • Eligible Providers

    Providers must be facilities that are:

  • • Licensed by the state of Minnesota to provide children’s mental health residential treatment services;
  • • Under clinical supervision of a mental health professional;
  • • Under contract with a lead county; and
  • • Enrolled as MHCP providers.

  • Eligible Recipients

    To be eligible for this service, a recipient must:

  • • Be under age 18 years;
  • • Be eligible for MA or MinnesotaCare;
  • • Meet the criteria for severe emotional disturbance (SED); and
  • • Have been screened by the county, managed care organization or tribe, as applicable to the specific recipient, before placement in the facility as needing residential treatment services.

  • Billing

  • • Only counties or tribes may bill DHS for children’s mental health residential treatment.
  • • Use the MN–ITS 837P.
  • • Enter a span of dates within a month; for example, if billing for services during May and June, bill May dates on one claim and bill June dates on another claim.
  • • Use procedure code H0019 for the monthly negotiated rate.
  • • Enter the place of service code 99.
  • • Enter the number of units (1 unit = 1 day) based on the dates of service.
  • • Enter the facility’s NPI number as the rendering/treating provider.
  • • Enter the county or tribal mental health program’s NPI or UMPI number as the pay-to-provider.

  • DHS Financial Management publishes a bulletin quarterly to inform counties and eligible American Indian Child Welfare Initiative Tribes of per diems and percentage rates to use when claiming Title IV-E reimbursement for group facilities.

    Legal References

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    Residential Treatment Services
    MS 245.4885
    Screening for Inpatient and Residential Treatment

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