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Psychological Testing

Revised: 09-27-2011

Psychological tests and other psychometric instruments are used to determine the status of a recipient’s mental, intellectual, and emotional functioning. Tests are listed in the most recent Buros’ Mental Assessments Handbook edition. Tests must meet psychological standards for reliability and validity, and be suitable for the diagnostic purposes for which they are used.

Eligible Providers

  • • Licensed psychologists (LP) with competence in psychological testing
  • • Mental health practitioner working as a clinical psychology trainee under the clinical supervision of a LP
  • • Psychological technicians, psychometrists or psychological assistants may administer or score psychological tests under clinical supervision of a LP.
  • Psychological testing may also be administered and scored as part of a computer assisted psychological testing program.

    Eligible Recipients

    All MHCP recipients.

    Covered Services

    Except when psychological tests are computer administered the following components of psychological testing are considered to be all-inclusive and cannot be billed separately:

  • • A face-to-face interview to validate the test;
  • • Administration and scoring
  • • Interpretation of results; and
  • • A written report to document results of the test(s).
  • Computer administered testing may be billed separately when the other components are conducted by a psychologist or psychological technician.

    The licensed psychologist or a mental health practitioner working as a clinical psychology trainee in accordance with MN Rules 9505.0372, subpart 4, item A, sub-item (2), must conduct the face-to-face interview, interpret the test results, and sign the report that is then placed in the recipient’s record. The testing results must be released, upon authorization from the recipient or guardian, to other persons responsible for providing services for the recipient. Reports done by clinical psychology trainees must be reviewed and signed by the supervising licensed psychologist.

    Billing Psychological Testing

  • • Use MN–ITS 837P
  • • In MN–ITS, enter the test name(s) on the Claim Tab, Claim Notes field; abbreviate names of tests if necessary
  • Psychological testing




    Service Limitations


    Psychological testing
    Licensed psychologist (LP), or LP clinically supervised clinical psychology trainee, administered tests, interpretation and report

    1 hour

    8 cumulative maximum hours per calendar year.

    Date of service must be the date testing is completed.


    Psychological testing
    Technician administered tests, with LP or clinical psychology trainee interpretation and report


    Psychological testing
    Computer administered, with LP or clinical psychology trainee interpretation and report


    Paid one time per testing for a recipient

    Legal Reference

    Minnesota Rule 9505.0372, subpart 4

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