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Minnesota Department of Human Services MA Estate Recovery Manual
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Estate recovery procedures

The procedural standards in this Medical Assistance (MA) estate recovery manual apply to local agencies in Minnesota that are required by law to assert claims against the estates of certain deceased people for MA repayment. The manual is a resource for these agencies and is addressed to them; throughout the manual, “you” refers to one of these agencies. The aim of these procedural standards is to ensure consistent and accurate MA estate recovery practices across the state. The procedures apply only to MA estate recovery actions. Eligibility policies are found in the Minnesota Health Care Programs Eligibility Policy Manual (EPM).

Bookmark this web page and refer to these procedural standards often. Do not print each page and compile a paper-based manual, because DHS anticipates updating procedural standards online whenever appropriate, and a printed version of this manual may become outdated at any given time.

  • Understanding MA claims
  • Notifying others about an MA claim in a probate proceeding
  • Undue hardship waivers
  • Recovering MA funds in probate
  • Other ways to recover on an MA claim
  • Funeral expenses
  • DHS liens
  • Other DHS processes to collect MA payments
  • American Indian and Alaska Native property
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