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Minnesota Department of Human Services Provider Manual
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Revised: 08-30-2016

  • Overview
  • Eligible Providers
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Adult MH-TCM
  • Clinical Justification for Exceptions
  • Time Frames for a LOCUS to be “Current
  • Additional Resources
  • Legal References
  • Overview

    A Level of Care Utilization System (LOCUS) assessment is a level of care tool to help determine the resource intensity needs of individuals who receive adult mental health services. The mental health provider must complete the LOCUS Recording Form (DHS-6249) prior to delivering the following MHCP services:

  • Adult day treatment – Level 3
  • • Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS) – Level 3 or Level 2
  • • Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) – Level 4
  • • Intensive Community Rehabilitative Services (ICRS) – Level 4 or Level 3
  • • Intensive Residential Treatment Services (IRTS) – Level 5
  • Partial hospitalization – Level 4
  • Eligible Providers

    Refer to the program links above to determine eligible providers for these services in order to complete the LOCUS Recording Form.

    Clinical Supervision

  • • All LOCUS Recording forms must be reviewed and signed by a clinical supervisor, unless it is completed by a mental health (MH) professional or a Mental Health Rehabilitative Professional
  • • The LOCUS Recording form assessment is not valid without all necessary signatures
  • Adult MH-TCM

    Complete a LOCUS assessment to define the case manager’s responsibilities concerning:

  • • Assessment
  • • Individual Community Support Plan (ICSP) planning
  • • Referral
  • • Coordination
  • • Monitoring of services
  • Clinical Justification for Exceptions

    MHCP requires documented clinical justification for additional services. The written clinical justification must include how the additional services currently meet or will meet the individual’s resource intensity needs. Include a brief description of the variance in the Reason for Variance field of the LOCUS Recording form, and include a more in-depth description in the recipient’s medical record. This can be on a separate form, as part of a clinical summary or a part of the interpretive summary (if completed by the MH professional).

    Time Frames for a LOCUS to be “Current”

    At the time of admission into the program, a LOCUS assessment recently completed by another provider, agency or county may be used. A new assessment is not required if all of the following apply:

  • • The recipient provides appropriate permission
  • • The LOCUS has been completed within 30 days prior to admission
  • • The clinical supervisor reviews the LOCUS and determines there are no changes to the assessment of the recipient since the original LOCUS was completed
  • The clinical supervisor can decide to complete a new LOCUS at the time of admission.

    A LOCUS is valid for a maximum of 180 days (six months) from the date it is signed by the mental health professional. Complete a new assessment:

  • • When the LOCUS reaches the 180 day limit
  • • More frequently if required for the service being provided
  • • If there has been a significant change in the recipient’s functioning
  • • If significant life events have occurred
  • • Within ten days prior to discharge
  • If the recipient ends services without notice and leaves before a discharge LOCUS can be completed, indicate in the discharge summary or elsewhere why the discharge LOCUS was unable to be completed.

    Additional Resources

  • Level of Care - Mental Health Policy Manual
  • American Association of Community Psychiatrists
  • AMHD Questionnaire booklet
  • Legal References

    MS 245.461 to 245.468 Minnesota Comprehensive Adult Mental Health Act
    MS 245.462
    MS 256B.0625,
    subd. 20, Mental Health Case Management

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