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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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4.3.9 Transition Year Extension (TYE)

ISSUE DATE: 12/2016

Transition Year Extension (TYE) was designed to provide continuous child care assistance to families who complete their 12 months of Transition Year (TY), continue to be eligible, but cannot be moved into Basic Sliding Fee (BSF) because your agency lacks funds and has a waiting list. Approve TYE and retain the family on the BSF waiting list as Priority 2. There is no time limit on TYE. TYE is available for the time necessary for families to be moved from the BSF waiting list into BSF child care. TYE families are not to be considered TY families.

While there is no time limit for a family to be on TYE, coverage under TYE ends if a family loses CCAP eligibility. When a family loses their eligibility for TYE and subsequently contacts the agency for continued assistance, the family:

  • · becomes a new applicant for CCAP and is subject to the 47% entrance level
  • AND

  • · is no longer eligible to receive TYE child care
  • AND

  • · is placed on the waiting list effective the date of the application or the date the family contacted the agency (if the agency continues to have a waiting list). Place the family in the appropriate waiting list category. Note the family would no longer be eligible for Priority 2.
  • If a case is scheduled to transfer from TY to TYE during a period of temporary ineligibility, the case should be considered eligible for TYE. Although MEC² suppresses the program switch due to the "temporarily ineligible" (TI) status, the family was given up to 90 days to become eligible for assistance and this status should take precedence. These cases should not be treated differently than a TY case that would have up to 90 days of TI and once again become TY eligible.

    If BSF funds become available and there are no families in Priority 1, move TYE families into the regular BSF program. Families who have been in TYE the longest must be served first. See Chapter 4.3.12 (Basic Sliding Fee).

    Legal Authority

    Minnesota Statutes 119B.011

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