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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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6.15.3 Annualizing MFIP & Earned Income

ISSUE DATE: 12/2016

The cash portion of the Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) grant and the MFIP Housing Assistance Grant carry over from MAXIS and are included in the MEC2 calculation of the annualization of unearned income for the family.

The financial worker determines MFIP eligibility and grant amount prospectively for the first 2 months of participation and retrospectively thereafter. This means that when an MFIP participant begins working, the earned income is not budgeted against the MFIP grant until 2 months later. For example, an MFIP participant who begins working in September sees a grant reduction in November based on September earnings.

In situations where the parent begins working, MEC² annualizes the full MFIP grant for 12 months even though the MFIP grant would be reduced for a portion of that period due to earned income. When a parent on MFIP starts employment, it may be necessary to calculate the MFIP grant offline and enter the correct annualized MFIP income amount into MEC² using a system override. Consult with the MFIP worker to determine the offline MFIP grant calculation. It is recommended that the worker document in case notes how they arrived at the calculated amount.

Refer to the MEC² User Manual for instructions on entering reduced MFIP income that has been annualized offline into MEC².

Legal Authority

Minnesota Statutes 119B.09
Minnesota Statutes 119B.011
Minnesota Rules 3400.0170

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