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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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8.1 Changes in Circumstances

ISSUE DATE: 10/2017

Changes during a family’s 12 month eligibility period may not impact a family’s eligibility or authorization until their next redetermination.

You may become aware of changes through:

  • · Family reporting. See Chapter 8.3 (Reporting Requirements) for family reporting responsibilities, timeliness, and methods.
  • · Information reported by other people or agencies.
  • · Upcoming or potential changes the agency has been tracking through MEC2 or other tracking methods.
  • Case actions when a change occurs

    When you become aware a change has occurred or will occur, determine what kind of change it is and follow instructions based on the type of change:

  • · For a change in household composition, see Chapter 8.1.3 (Changes in household composition)
  • · For a change in family status, see Chapter 8.1.6 (Changes in family status)
  • · For a change in activity, see Chapter 8.1.9 (Changes in activity)
  • · For a change in family income or expenses, see Chapter 8.1.12 (Changes in income or expenses)
  • · For a change in residence, see Chapter 8.1.15 (Changes in residence)
  • · For other changes, see Chapter 8.1.18 (Other changes)
  • Changes must be acted on within 10 calendar days from the date the change was reported or becomes known to the agency.

    When a change results in families moving from one child care sub-program to another, do not require a new application. See Chapter 3 (Applications).

    If you become aware of a future change which may affect eligibility, track the expected change. Request that the family provide documentation of the change if required. See Chapter 7.4 (Verification – 12 month eligibility period).

    Notify families of the effect of changes. See Chapter 7 (Verification) and Chapter 12 (Notices).

    When you become aware of a change, you may need to ask the family for more information or verification before you can determine if the change affects the case. See Chapter 7.4 (Verification – 12 month eligibility period) for more information.

    Legal authority

    Minnesota Statutes 119B.025
    Minnesota Statutes 119B.05
    Minnesota Statutes 119B.09
    Minnesota Statutes 119B.12

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