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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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8.1 Changes in Circumstances

ISSUE DATE: 04/2018

Changes during a family’s 12 month eligibility period may not impact a family’s eligibility or authorization until their next redetermination.

You may become aware of changes through:

  • · Family reporting. See Chapter 8.3 (Reporting Requirements) for family reporting responsibilities, timeliness, and methods.
  • · Information reported by other people or agencies.
  • · Upcoming or potential changes the agency has been tracking through MEC2 or other tracking methods.
  • Case actions when a change occurs

    When you become aware a change has occurred or will occur, determine what kind of change it is and follow instructions based on the type of change:

  • · For a change in household composition, see Chapter 8.1.3 (Changes in household composition)
  • · For a change in family status, see Chapter 8.1.6 (Changes in family status)
  • · For a change in activity, see Chapter 8.1.9 (Changes in activity)
  • · For a change in family income or expenses, see Chapter 8.1.12 (Changes in income or expenses)
  • · For a change in residence, see Chapter 8.1.15 (Changes in residence)
  • · For other changes, see Chapter 8.1.18 (Other changes)
  • Changes must be acted on within 10 calendar days from the date the change was reported or becomes known to the agency.

    When a change results in families moving from one child care sub-program to another, do not require a new application. See Chapter 3 (Applications).

    If you become aware of a future change which may affect eligibility, track the expected change. Request that the family provide documentation of the change if required. See Chapter 7.4 (Verification – 12 month eligibility period).

    Notify families of the effect of changes. See Chapter 7 (Verification) and Chapter 12 (Notices).

    When you become aware of a change, you may need to ask the family for more information or verification before you can determine if the change affects the case. See Chapter 7.4 (Verification – 12 month eligibility period) for more information.

    Case actions at redetermination

    Workers do not need to reconstruct the family’s prior 12 month eligibilty period at redetermination. If a family submitted all verification needed to show they meet eligibility requirements at redetermination, process the redetermination.

    If there are questions about whether the family was eligible throughout the previous 12 month eligibility period, workers must determine if required changes were not reported during the 12 month eligibility period. See Chapter 7.6 (Verification – Redetermination) for more information.

    Legal authority

    Minnesota Statutes 119B.025
    Minnesota Statutes 119B.05
    Minnesota Statutes 119B.09
    Minnesota Statutes 119B.12

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