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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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9.1.9 Authorizing Care-Multiple Providers

ISSUE DATE: 10/2018

The Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) limits care when a child has multiple providers. Each child can use up to two providers, one primary provider and one secondary provider, that can be paid by CCAP.

  • · The amount of care authorized with a secondary provider is limited to 20 hours in a biweekly period.
  • · The amount paid to a secondary provider cannot be more than two daily rates in a biweekly period.
  • Legal nonlicensed (LNL) child care providers do not count toward the two-provider limit. If a child uses a legal nonlicensed provider and one other type of provider, the authorization and payment will not be reduced for either provider.

    Provider designation

    Parents choose their children’s primary and secondary providers. They can choose a different primary and secondary provider for each child in the family.

    Track the provider designation (primary or secondary) for each child with multiple providers, even if the designation does not affect a child’s authorization. Parents may report information about their child’s primary and/or secondary provider verbally, in writing, or can submit the CCAP Primary & Secondary Provider Report Form DHS-7680 (PDF). If a provider reports information about their primary or secondary designation for a child on a parent’s behalf, workers must follow up with the parent to confirm the information.

    Authorizing care

    If a child uses two providers, do not authorize more than 20 hours per biweekly period with the child’s secondary provider.

    If a child starts using a secondary provider, record primary and secondary designation, and do not authorize more than 20 hours biweekly with a child’s secondary provider.

    If a child’s secondary provider is authorized for more than 20 hours per biweekly period, reduce authorized hours to 20 hours or less with 15-day notice.

    Payments to multiple providers

    Do not pay for more than a total of 120 hours of child care assistance per child every two weeks. See Chapter 9.1 (Authorizing child care).

    Do not pay for more than one provider for the same period of time.

    Switching providers

    See Chapter 9.1.10 (Authorizing care – Switching providers) for information about authorizing care for families when they are changing providers in the middle of a biweekly period.

    Weekly authorization to high quality providers

    See Chapter 9.1.12 (Weekly Authorization to High Quality Providers) for information about authorizing care for families with multiple providers when at least one of the providers qualifies for the Weekly Authorization to High Quality Providers policy.

    Legal authority

    Minnesota Statutes 119B.09, subd. 6
    Minnesota Statutes 119B.097
    Minnesota Rules 3400.0110, subp. 2a

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