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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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12.6.12 Payment Deduction Required By Law Notices

ISSUE DATE: 12/2015

Payment deductions occur when a child care provider owes money to certain public entities. These include the Internal Revenue Service, the Minnesota Department of Revenue, and other public authorities, such as a court ordered child support obligation.

When a county or tribe receives notification from a public authority or court which requires the county to reduce a payment or payments from a provider because of a child support obligation, send the Child Care Assistance Notice of Deduction for Child Support Obligation (PDF) (DHS-5165-ENG). See the MEC2 User Manual for instruction on how to deduct payments.

For IRS and Minnesota Department of Revenue levies or withholding requests, the Department of Human Services Financial Operations Division staff will enter deductions, send appropriate notices and monitor fulfillment of the amount owed. Local agency staff will be able to view information on IRS and Minnesota Department of Revenue tax levies and see that a levy has been entered and/or payments made tied to a particular provider in MEC2.

Communication regarding levies or tax withholding will be handled by DHS. If you receive questions or communication about tax levies from a provider and/or the IRS or the Department of Revenue, please direct them to: DHS Financial Operations, 651-431-3756.

If your agency receives a request to withhold payments from a public authority not listed above, contact your technical liaison for assistance.


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