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Minnesota Department of Human Services PCA Manual
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Personal Care Assistance

45-day temporary start of PCA service

Page posted: 02/03/10

Page reviewed: 04/17/17

Page updated: 04/17/17

Legal authority

Minn. Stat. §256B.0652, subd. 9 and 14


45-day temporary start of service: Lead agencies use this process to begin PCA services temporarily until the lead agency assessor can schedule and complete a face-to-face assessment.


To treat an emergency need, Minnesota statute allows five business days for a provider to request a temporary start of PCA services.

The temporary start cannot exceed 45 days. The lead agency must complete a face-to-face assessment for services to continue beyond 45 days.

The daily authorized amount of time for the temporary start of service has no bearing on future authorizations.

PCA provider agency responsibilities

Once a provider identifies the need for a temporary start of PCA services, it has five business days to notify the lead agency (county, health plan or tribe).

The provider is responsible to document and substantiate the need for the temporary start of services. This may include reports, notes, admission or discharge histories.

This does not change the provider’s need to comply with MA provider requirements such as enrollment of individual workers.

Lead agency responsibilities

Lead agency assessor conducts a telephone assessment to determine the person’s service needs.

Lead agencies should use the following as sources of information:

  • • Provider
  • • Person who receives services
  • • Responsible party
  • • Other health care providers
  • Fee-for-Service

    Lead agencies must use the access, assessment and authorization criteria for PCA services to determine a total number of units/day of PCA services until a face-to-face assessment can be completed.

    Lead agency (county and tribe) enters the assessment information into MMIS including:

  • • Total number of minutes/day
  • • Date for the start of service
  • • Description to substantiate the need for immediate services on the AHC3 comment screen
  • The lead agency:
    1. Resolves any technical edits
    2. Allows service agreement to route to DHS queue for final processing.

    Health plans follow their policies and processes

    DHS responsibilities

    DHS is responsible to:
    1. Resolve DHS reviewer edits
    2. Authorize the services


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