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Minnesota Department of Human Services PCA Manual
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Personal Care Assistance Program Manual

Personal care assistance is available to eligible people enrolled in a Minnesota Health Care Program. PCA helps a person with day-to-day activities in their home and community to help a person maximize their independence. The PCA program offers options to allow the service to be consumer-directed.

To find a specific PCA-related form, visit the PCA forms page.

What’s new

Provider revalidation and termination notices

March 1, 2016


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) require Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) enrolled providers to revalidate their enrollment record(s) at least once every five years. Revalidation currently is underway for PCA providers and all other MHCP provider types. Because of the volume of documents received for this and other initiatives, MHCP Provider Enrollment is taking longer than 30 days to process enrollment documents.

Termination notices

MHCP Provider Enrollment currently is issuing termination notices to PCA providers whose revalidation is incomplete. The termination notices provide appeal rights and specific information about the corrections the provider needs to make to complete revalidation.

If a provider or provider organization receives a termination notice, it has 60 days to submit remaining corrections, missing or incomplete documents before the termination date. If the provider submits all requested information before the termination date,

MHCP Provider Enrollment retroactively will reinstate enrollment once the documents are processed.

If the provider also submits an appeal request within the same 60-day timeframe, MHCP Provider Enrollment will reinstate the provider’s record to an active status so it may continue to operate while awaiting the review of its documents during the appeal process.

County and tribe actions

County and tribal staff should encourage providers to:

  • • Submit the materials the termination notice requests
  • • Appeal the termination following the instructions in the notice.
  • Filing an appeal has the advantages of:

  • • Removing the termination date pending the outcome of the appeal
  • • Providing additional time to process the enrollment materials
  • • Limiting service authorization disruptions.
  • Service authorizations

    County and tribal staff should follow the processes below for service authorizations that involve PCA providers who have received termination notices.

    Type B service agreements

    Edit 415 will post to the service line that starts after the termination date. Add 580 in the OVR LOC to route the service agreement to the Disability Services Division MMIS Resource Center after resolving all other edits.

    The Resource Center will approve the first six-month service line and pend the second six-month service line. If the PCA provider’s file is updated and the termination date is removed, the PCA provider should send a PCA Technical Change Request form, DHS-4074A (PDF) to the Resource Center so it can approve the pended line item.

    Waiver service agreements

    Edit 415 will post to the service line that starts after the termination date.  Counties and tribes may either:

  • • Pend the service line that starts after the termination date. County and tribal staff would need to track pended service lines and update service authorizations after the termination date.
  • • Delete or deny the service line that starts after the termination date. The PCA provider would contact the county or tribe to enter a new service line if the termination date is removed from the provider file.
  • Contact information

    Providers who have questions about revalidation should contact the Provider Call Center at 651-431-2700 or 800-366-5411 (toll free). For more information, see the section on revalidation on the Provider Screening Requirements page in the Provider Manual.

    Counties and tribal staff member with questions should contact

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