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Minnesota Department of Human Services PCA Manual
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Personal Care Assistance

Extended waiver PCA service

Page posted: 03/12/10

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Page updated: 04/27/11

Legal Authority

Federally approved BI, CAC, CADI, DD and EW waiver plans


Extended waiver PCA service: An increased amount, duration or frequency of the state plan PCA service. The scope of the service is the same as the state plan service.


All policies and limitations of the PCA program apply to extended PCA except for the amount and duration of the service. For both PCA and extended PCA, the frequency of service is flexible according to the needs of the person. See flexible use of PCA services.

Lead agencies may only authorize extended waiver PCA services when all of the following conditions have been met.

1. State plan non-waiver PCA services are authorized.
2. Person has a need for PCA services identified during the waiver and PCA assessments.
3. Need for PCA services is of greater amount or duration than would be authorized on the state plan.
4. PCA services do not duplicate other services on the person’s individual service plan / community support plan.

State plan and waiver PCA services are part of the person’s support plan. Case managers determine the duration and amount of extended waiver PCA service based on the needs of the person identified in the Long Term Care Consultation Assessment or DD Screening Document.

Extended PCA services cannot be authorized when the person does not meet basic access criteria for PCA service

Assessment for State Plan PCA

The PCA assessment determines the amount of service available through the state plan without a waiver.

For CAC, CADI, EW and BI waivers, lead agency assessors use the Supplemental Waiver PCA Assessment and Service Plan (DHS-3428D) (PDF),

For DD Waiver, lead agency public health nurses use the PCA Assessment and Service Plan (DHS-3244) (PDF).

Extended PCA

The case manager determines the need for PCA and extended waiver PCA based on all of the following:

  • • Assessments (PCA and waiver)
  • • Choice of the person
  • • Need for services
  • • Other services and supports available to the person
  • If the case manager determines the person needs more PCA than the state plan assessment would provide;

    1. Enter state plan PCA into MMIS in two six-month date spans.
    2. Enter extended waiver PCA in one date span.
    3. Document the total amount of both the state plan and the extended waiver PCA on the community support plan (CAC, CADI, BI and EW) or individualized support plan (DD).

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