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Minnesota Department of Human Services Early Intensive Development and Behavioral Intervention Manual
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Overview of training for EIDBI providers

Page posted: 2/17/17

Page reviewed:11/6/17

Page updated: 8/7/18

Legal authority

CMS-approved state plan amendment (PDF), Minn. Stat. §256B.0949

Provider agency orientation

DHS recommends each EIDBI provider agency delivers an orientation to its providers that:

  • • Includes training on EIDBI – Rights and responsibilities
  • • Happens as soon as possible following employee start dates.
  • Individual provider trainings

    All Level III providers must complete the following trainings:

    DHS recommends all other EIDBI providers also complete these trainings as well. For detailed information on these courses, see EIDBI – Individual EIDBI provider trainings.

    MHCP provider trainings

    Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) at DHS offers additional training for EIDBI providers. For more information, including session topics and dates, see MHCP-enrolled providers – EIDBI training.

    Managed care organizations (MCOs)

    For additional EIDBI provider training with MCOs, contact the applicable MCO. For contact information, see MHCP managed care organization (MCO) contacts.


    The EIDBI provider agency must document each Level III provider’s training history, including start and completion dates of orientation and additional EIDBI trainings, and store in his or her file.

    DHS recommends the provider agency also documents all other EIDBI providers’ training history.

    Additional resources

    DHS – MHCP provider training – Training on EIDBI billing
    EIDBI – Overview of EIDBI providers

    TrainLink – DSD training news and information

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