PolicyQuest library

PolicyQuest questions and answers that have been sent in by county agencies and the Mille Lacs Band Tribal TANF are online. A password is not needed to view the library.

PolicyQuest user access

Registered users may submit PolicyQuest questions to DHS. Registered users also can check the status of questions that have been submitted and search previously answered questions. PolicyQuest users include staff from county agencies and the Mille Lacs Band Tribal TANF. User access is granted at the discretion of the security liaison at each agency.

DHS Disclaimer

Responses provided in Policy Quest are case specific unless otherwise specified. They are not binding on and do not apply to other cases. Responses are based on applicable statute, regulation, and guidance in effect at the time the responses are issued and may not be accurate at a later date. DHS encourages users to submit questions to confirm current policy.

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