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Minnesota Department of Human Services MN–ITS User Manual
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MN–ITS Administration


This information is intended for use by each MHCP enrolled organization’s chosen MN–ITS Primary Administrator (PA), after the administrator has completed MN–ITS Registration.

The user guides included on this page provide step-by-step instructions for basic MN–ITS functions related to:

  • • Initial registration
  • • Log in
  • • Passwords
  • • User access
  • • MN–ITS Mailbox
  • • Changing the primary administrator
  • MN–ITS User Levels in Your Organization

    Level III
    Following completion of MN–ITS registration, the PA has the ability to create, change or disable users, reset passwords and assign roles for Level I and Level II users. Certain administrators have the capability to test X12 batch transactions.

    Only MHCP can reset the PA’s password, through submission of a PA Change Request form.

    Refer to the user guide Change Primary Administrator (PDF).

    Level II (Optional)
    The MN–ITS Provider Point Administrator (PPA) acts as an assistant to the MN–ITS PA. PPAs can perform most of the same functions as the MN–ITS PA for Level I users. The MN–ITS PA must reset the PPA’s password. The PA can assign one or more PPAs to function in this role.

    Level I
    Has general user access to MN–ITS. Users may be assigned to some or all of the MN–ITS functions as designated by the PA & PPA. Users cannot create, change, disable, assign roles or reset passwords of others. Only the PA or PPA can reset a user’s password.

    Distribute the DHS EDI Trading Partner Addendum (PDF) to others in your organization, as needed, to ensure compliance.

    Related User Guides

  • Account Registration
  • Log in to MN–ITS and change your password (PDF)
  • Access and use MN–ITS Mailbox
  • Create/Modify MN–ITS User Access (PDF)
  • Change Primary Administrator (PDF)
  • MN–ITS Home page

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