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Minnesota Department of Human Services MN–ITS User Manual
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Use MN–ITS Request Claim Status (276/277) to Check the Status of a Claim

The new MN–ITS Request Claim Status response page allows you to check the status on all claims submitted through MN–ITS DDE, X-12 Batch including Medicare Crossovers or claims received from Billing Organizations, Pharmacy Prescriptions and internal adjustment claims.

Claims submitted through MN–ITS (DDE) are now accessible on the same day using the MN–ITS Request Claim Status (276) feature.


  • • Claims over one year old are subject to timely billing requirements and may not eligible for reimbursement
  • • Claims over three years old cannot be viewed
  • Refer to the MHCP Provider Manual Billing Policy Replacement and Void Claims section for additional situations that require separate instructions.

    Note: The claim retrieval process does not return all data fields. Providers need to verify their claim contains all of the required information and possibly reenter the appropriate information before submitting a claim that was copied, replaced or voided.

    The following fields are returned with a defaulted response or blank:



    Field Section and/or Field Name

    Default or Blank


    Claim Information

    Place of Service

    Defaults POS on 1st service line


    Claim Information

    Assignment/Plan Participation, Benefits Assignment, Release of Information and Provider Indicator

    Defaults standard response


    Situational Claim Information

    Property and Casualty: Contact Name, Telephone Number and Extension



    Situational Claim Information

    Ambulance Transport Information: Certification Code, Condition Code, Reason and Distance

    Certification = Y
    Condition = 01
    Reason = A
    Distance = 0


    Situational Claim Information

    Claim Notes Reference



    Situational (Continued) Claim Information

    Auto Accident State or Province, Delay Reason



    Situational Claim Information

    EPSDT: Certification (child and teen checkups)




    Other Payer Subscriber: Relationship Code



    Services – Other Payer

    Paid Unit Count



    Services – Situational Services

    NDC Information – Code Qualifier



    Services – Situational Services

    Prosthesis Information: Prosthesis Code, Prior Placement Date, Orthodontic Banding Date and Replacement Date


    Log in to MN–ITS

  • 1. Log in to MN–ITS
  • 2. From the left menu:
  • a) Select MN–ITS
  • b) Select Request Claim Status (276)
  • Using MN–ITS Request Claim Status Response (276)

  • 1. In the Quick Search section enter the following required fields:
  • a. Enter the 8-digit MHCP recipient number in the Subscriber ID field.
  • b. Enter the first date of service of your claim in the Service Date (From) field using MMDDYYYY format.
  • 2. To search for a span of dates enter the end date of service in the Service Date (To) field using MMDDYYYY format. Shortening the date span will narrow your search results.
  • 3. (Billing Organizations Use Only) Billing Agent, Billing Intermediary or Consolidated Billing Entity are required to enter the pay-to providers 10-digit NPI/UMPI for the claim you are requesting in the Pay-to-Provider field in order to receive a valid response.
  • 4. In the Detail Search section the following fields are optional. To narrow your search results providers may enter one of the following:
  • a. Enter the 17-digit payer claim control number in the Payer Claim Control Number (PCN) field.
  • b. Enter the12-digit Pharmacy Prescription Number field.
  • 5. Use the Action buttons to complete or cancel your request:
  • a. Select Submit to view your Claim Status Response (277). (You may briefly see a message stating: Your claim is processing. Please wait.)
  • b. Select Close to cancel your request and return to the MN–ITS Home Page
  • Understanding Your Claim Status Response (277)

    The 277 Claim Status Response contains the current status of your claim and provides the Remittance Advice date if the claim has been paid or denied.

    The claim response displays the Claim Information and the first Service Line on the claim with the WPC HIPAA compliant Claim Status Category and Claim Status codes that explain how the claim and line one were processed.

    If there are additional service lines they are displayed as a blue collapsed accordion panel with the line number and a general service summary. Providers must select each line to review the HIPAA compliant codes and payment information to understand how the entire claim was processed.

    Providers may print a copy of the response by selecting the Print Page link in the upper right section of the response.

    After printing is complete select Back to 277 Response. If additional changes are needed select the appropriate action button or select close to return to the MN–ITS Home page.

    Action Buttons

    Copy To correct an error of a denied claim or to copy information from other similar claims previously submitted.

    Replace If the claim paid, but paid incorrectly or a line item was denied. The user may access the claim, correct the information and resubmit. The original paid amount will be taken back and replaced with the correct information on the replacement claim.

    Void – If the claim was submitted in error. This deletes the claim and takes the payment back.

    Close returns you to the MN–ITS Home Page.

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