Income Maintenance Training Information

Income Maintenance Learning Center

Use the Income Maintenance Learning Center to manage your income maintenance training needs. You may also look at course descriptions, view your training transcript, and more.

Please review the Training Registration Procedures for additional information on registering for classes.

The Income Maintenance Learning Center is used to find and register for training in the following areas:
Cash Assistance (example: MFIP, DWP, GA, MSA)
Child Care Assistance
Employment Services
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Training News and Announcements


The new required courses for data practices and security, Handling MN Information Securely, have been released. These courses replace HR551, Protecting Information Privacy, and HR552, Putting Security Into Action. All county and tribal staff will now access these courses directly at . These courses are no longer taken through TrainLink and course codes are no longer needed.

For questions regarding these courses, please contact: .

Web-Based Training (WBT)

Web-Based Training (WBT) training is available in the Income Maintenance Learning Center under Search for Learning Activities. Web based training offerings:

CCAP Application – Pending MAXIS Application
CCAP Authorizing Hours
CCAP Accuracy Improvement
Employability Measure - Part B
Household Composition for SNAP
Introduction to MAXIS and MMIS
Introduction to Public Assistance
MEC² Home Page and Navigation
MEC² Inquiry
MFIP HRF Processing
Pre-CCAP (Pre-Child Care Assistance Program)
SNAP Returned Mail
SNAP Telephone Interviewing

If you are having trouble accessing any of the above web trainings, please trouble shoot the problem before contacting us - using the steps included in the attached document, Recommended Solutions for WBT Issues .

Additional Training Resources on DHS-SIR

IPAM Series Training

The Introduction to Public Assistance and MAXIS (IPAM) Series consists of several different learning activities that must be completed prior to attending other cash, SNAP, and health care courses. The IPAM Series sets the foundation for county income maintenance staff just beginning their careers working with public assistance programs and the eligibility and payment systems used for these programs. The IPAM Series replaces the Pre-IPAM web based training as well as the 2-day IPAM classroom training and is available in the Training Toolkit on DHS-SIR.

The activities in the Series can all be completed at the county agency. It is HIGHLY recommended that a supervisor, mentor or lead worker assist new staff through the series of activities and be readily available to answer any questions staff may have as they complete each activity. To assist supervisors, mentors, and lead workers in this process an IPAM Series Guide has been developed and is available in the Training Toolkit on DHS-SIR.

Training Toolkit

The Training Toolkit, located on SIR, contains resources to assist Eligibility Workers in their daily work. It contains Workbooks, Guidebooks, and Self-Directed PowerPoint Presentations. It also includes required materials for some training courses including sections of the IPAM Series.

Questions or Feedback?

Please contact Tracy Scott, Instructional Design Training Team (IDTT) Lead, with any questions or feedback:
Phone: 651/431-4020
FAX: 651/431-7526

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