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Minnesota Department of Human Services Community-Based Services Manual (CBSM)
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Family adult day services

Page posted: 11/14/16

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Legal authority

Federally approved BI, CAC, CADI, DD and EW waiver plans, Alternative Care (AC) program (Minn. Stat. §256B.0913), Minn. Stat. §245A.143, Minn. R. 9555.5105-6265, Minn. R. 9555.9600-9730, Minnesota Statutes, chapter 245A.


Family adult day services (FADS): Adult day services provided in a license holder’s primary residence. The license holder must be the primary FADS provider. (This setting is typically a family foster care setting.)

Adult day services are an individualized program of activities designed to meet the health and social needs of a person age 18 or older who has a functional limitation and needs supervised care outside of his or her residence during the day.

Covered services

FADS is a service available under adult day services.

FADS cover:

  • • Activities
  • • Assistance
  • • Care
  • • Supervision
  • • Training.
  • These services must:

  • • Be based on the person’s assessed needs
  • • Provide the supports necessary either to maintain or improve the person’s ability to care for him or herself
  • • Offer opportunities to participate in community groups (e.g., senior citizen centers or clubs, generic service organizations, adult education)
  • • Provide age-appropriate tasks and materials
  • • Provide community integration opportunities to enhance the person’s social and physical interaction with people without disabilities
  • • Be directed toward the achievement of specific outcomes identified in the person’s support plan.
  • Non-covered services

    FADS do not cover:

  • • Therapies
  • • Transportation costs.
  • Secondary information

    Foster care waiver services

    A person cannot receive FADS and the foster care waiver service from the same provider.

    Service amount

    A person cannot receive FADS for more than 12 hours in one 24-hour period.

    AC and EW only

    Under the AC and EW programs, a person must receive FADS for two or more hours per day, for one or more days per week on a regularly scheduled basis.

    Meals and snacks

    A FADS provider must meet snack and meal provisions according to Minn. Stat. §245A.143, subd. 3 and subd. 8.

    Provider standards and qualifications

    FADS are DHS enrollment-required services. For more information, see CBSM – Waiver/AC service provider overview.

    License requirements

    A FADS provider must meet one of the following requirements:

  • • Have a foster care license under Minn. R. 9555.9600-9730 and comply with Minn. Stat. §245A.143
  • • Have a FADS license under Minn. Stat. §245A.143.
  • Additional provider requirements – BI, CAC, CADI and DD only

    Under the BI, CAC, CADI and DD waivers, a FADS provider also must:

  • • Have demonstrated knowledge of the person’s specific disability and/or chronic medical condition(s), or previous experience working with people with disabilities.
  • • Have any additional qualifications necessary to meet the person’s unique needs and preferences, as documented in his or her support plan.
  • • Assess the compatibility of all people served in the home to ensure each person’s health and safety needs are met. The provider must conduct this assessment prior to the person’s admission and on an ongoing basis.
  • • Obtain written and signed informed consent from each resident or resident’s legal representative before it provides FADS in a licensed adult foster care home. The consent must document the residents’ informed choice to live in a home that provides FADS and include a statement that the resident’s refusal to consent will not result in service termination.
  • Authorization, rates and billing

    Below is program-specific authorization, rate and billing information for FADS. For additional information, see Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) Service Rate Limits, DHS-3945 (PDF).

    AC and EW

    Under the AC and EW programs, the lead agency authorizes FADS at the state-established, 15-minute rate.

    BI, CAC, CADI and DD

    Under the BI, CAC, CADI and DD waivers:

  • • FADS are framework services. The lead agency uses the Rate Management System (RMS) to determine rates. For more information, see CBSM – Rate Management System.
  • • The lead agency may authorize FADS at a daily or 15-minute rate. Exception: On a day when the person receives an adult day services bath, the lead agency must authorize FADS using the 15-minute rate.
  • Additional resources

    CBSM – Adult day services
    CBSM – Adult day services bath

    CBSM – Waiver general process and procedures – BI, CAC, CAD, DD

    CBSM – Waiver programs overview

    CBSM – Waiver/AC service provider overview

    Rate Management System (RMS) User Manual

    For a list of licensed FADS providers in Minnesota, visit

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