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ISSUE DATE: 07/2013

Personal support

Tier 1 Services

Page posted: 10/01/03

Page reviewed: 7/27/10

Page updated: 5/12/15

Legal authority

Federally approved DD Waiver plan, Minn. Stat. §245D.03


Personal support: Non-medical care, supervision and assistance provided in the home of the person or in the community to achieve increased independence, productivity and inclusion in the community.

Covered services

Personal support services relate to outcomes identified in the person’s service plan when teaching and training is not necessary to attain these outcomes.

Covered services include:

  • • Least costly assistance to reasonably meet the needs of the person
  • • Non-medical care
  • • Supervision.
  • The person may use personal support to access community services and participate in community activities. When this is the case, the provider must utilize integrated community settings.

    Non-covered services

    Duplication of other Minnesota State plan or waiver services.

    Secondary information

    Personal support is not a habilitative service. Therefore, personal support may complement a DD Waiver residential habilitative service. However, it may not be the only waiver service provided to a person. This is because the DD Waiver requires a person to need a residential habilitative service to be eligible for the waiver.

    The case manager/service coordinator:

  • • Monitors personal support services provided
  • • Assures coordination with other services.
  • Provider standards and qualifications

    Payments only will be made to those entities or persons that meet the current licensure requirements of Minnesota Statutes, chapter 245D as a basic support service provider.

    Providers licensed under 245D must report all uses of controlled procedures, emergency use of manual restraint and prohibited procedures according to Minn. Stat. 245D.06, subd. 5 to DHS via the Behavioral Intervention Report Form DHS-5148 (PDF).

    Minn. Stat. chapter 245C requires all licensed programs to conduct background studies. Minn. Stat. 245D.03 lists individuals subject to background studies. Providers are required to complete and submit individual background studies using New Electronically Transmitted Study (NETStudy) through DHS licensing.

    Service providers may apply for a 245D license using the Licensing home page.

    Email questions about exclusion from DHS licensure to the DHS Licensing Division HCBS Unit.

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