Below are hints for using the Manual(s):

Searching: For information on searching for words and topics in PDF documents, Click here.

Blank pages have been inserted in the PDF documents to facilitate 2-sided printing. For more information on viewing, printing, and saving PDF files, Click here.

Bookmarks in a PDF document:
To navigate through sections in a chapter, do the following:
Click on the Bookmarks tab. The Bookmarks tab is on the left hand side of the screen.
In the Bookmarks window, click to open any chapter that you want to review.
Click on any section that you want to read.
If you want to close the Bookmarks window, click on the “X” on the upper right corner of the Bookmark window.

To change screen text size in a PDF document:  
Click to open the section you want to review.
On the Tool Bar, click on the “Down Arrow” next to the box showing the text size percentage.
Select the text size you desire. You may also click the “Plus” or “Minus” sign on either side of the text size percentage box.
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