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Minnesota Department of Human Services RMS User Manual
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Lead agency workers use the Rate Management System (RMS) tool to calculate payment rates for specific authorized services, which are then entered into Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS). This manual provides users of the RMS with operational information that will help them effectively use this tool.

Table of Contents

Banding scenarios
Customized living, 24-hour customized living and residential care fields

Day service fields


How-to use the RMS (Steps to entering a rate agreement)

Residential fields

Unit-based fields

Additional resources

What's new

Following a change to a procedure in the RMS User Manual, DHS posts the change and a brief description of the change here.


Day service fields

Updates to:

  • Total units section
  • Total daily to/from DT and H transportation section
  • Numbers of riders section
  • 11/10/14

    Banding scenarios

    Updates to process examples for manual banding and partial DT and H


    Residential fields

    Update to individual RN and LPN hours section

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