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Minnesota Department of Human Services RMS User Manual
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Additional resources

Rate management worksheets

The rate management worksheets list, DHS-6790 (PDF) can help service providers organize information and communicate it to lead agencies.

Providers should complete the applicable worksheet(s) and then follow their lead agency’s direction for how to submit the form to the lead agency. (Please note: Unencrypted email is a not a secure form of communication).

The worksheets include:

  • Adult day – 15 minutes/Structured day – 15 minutes/ DT&H – 15 minutes, DHS-6790A (PDF)
  • Adult day – Daily, DHS-6790B (PDF)
  • Foster care – Daily/SLS – Daily, DHS-6790C (PDF)
  • Prevocational services – Daily/Structured day program – Daily, DHS-6790E (PDF)
  • Prevocational services – Hourly, DHS-6790F (PDF)
  • Customized living services/24-hour customized living services/Residential care services, DHS-6790G (PDF)
  • Transportation for adult day – Daily/Prevocational services – Daily/structured day daily, DHS-6790I (PDF)
  • Customized living component service definitions: A reference guide for computing time for rate-setting tools, DHS-6790H (PDF)
  • DT&H – Daily, DHS-6790J (PDF)
  • Employment services, DHS-6790L (PDF)
  • Online training modules

    See RMS – Training modules for video tutorials on how to navigate and understand the Disability Waiver Rate System (DWRS) and Rate Management System (RMS).

    RMS quick reference guides

    To assist RMS users in specific situations, DHS created the following "cheat sheets":

  • Banding and the DWRS
  • Billable indirect time in RMS
  • Business rules for residential staffing
  • Consumer transportation for framework services in the RMS
  • Day services staffing ratios for RMS input
  • Deaf/hard of hearing customization in the RMS
  • Employment and day services individual planning tool (.XLS)
  • Projected weekly revenue calculator (.XLS) and instructions for the employment services revenue estimator tool
  • Residential shared staffing hours for RMS input
  • DWRS day services individual client staffing worksheet (.XLS)
  • DWRS residential daytime staffing hours worksheets (.XLS)
  • DWRS residential shared staffing hours worksheet, DHS-6910 (PDF)
  • Quick reference guide on MAPCY and waiver services in foster care settings
  • Additional information

  • CBSM – Briefcase resource document: Transportation and day and employment services
  • CBSM – Rate Management System
  • CBSM – DWRS exception requests
  • DWRS initiative webpage
  • DWRS exceptions frequently asked questions
  • DHS/SSIS Project: Install SSIS client components on a workstation (PDF)
  • Rate/Report this pageReport/Rate this page

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