Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children


Why a Compact is Needed Each year, Minnesota sends and receives children in need of out-of-home placement to and from other states. Minnesota's Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (Minnesota Statute 260.851) ensures that these children receive the same protections guaranteed to the children placed in care within Minnesota. The law offers states uniform guidelines and procedures to ensure that the placements of these children take place in ways that promote the best interests of the child.

The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children is the mechanism we have to ensure protection and services to children who are placed across state lines for foster care, adoption, parental, relative and residential placements. The Compact is a uniform law that has been enacted by all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. It establishes orderly procedures for the interstate placement of children and fixes responsibility for those involved in placing the child.

Section I:

Why a Compact is needed
How the Compact come about

What the Compact does

What recent changes have occurred?

Who must use the Compact?

Types of Placements Covered

Types of Placements not covered

Safeguards offered by the Compact Procedures for making compact placement

Administering the Compact

Processing referrals for Interstate Placements

Recommended time needed to process requests

Making arrangements for child placement

The sending agency’s responsibilities

Penalties for illegal placements

Section II:

Regulation number 7- Expedited Placement Decision
Regulation No. 1
– Conversion of Intrastate Placement into Interstate Placement; Relocation of Family Units

Section III:

ICPC Information Required Checklists


E-mail to:


*ICPC 100A Instructions DHS-4266a (PDF)
ICPC 100B Instructions DHS-4267a (PDF
Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children – Request DHS 4266 (100A) (PDF)

Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children – Report on Childs Placement Status DHS 4267 (100B) (PDF)

Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children – Priority home study request DHS 4268 (PDF)
Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children Financial and Medical Plan DHS 1542D (PDF)

Receiving state priority home study DHS 4269 (PDF)

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