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Child and Teen Checkups (C&TC) Early and Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) Program

Information for Coordinators

Child and Teen Checkups (C&TC) is the name for Minnesota's Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) Program. C&TC is a comprehensive child health program provided to children and teens from newborn through age 20 who are enrolled in Medical Assistance (MA) or MinnesotaCare.

The purpose of the C&TC Program is:

• To identify potential health problems or handicapping conditions;• To provide diagnosis and treatment of those health problems or conditions; and• To encourage the development of good health habits.

NOTE: Most documents are in PDF format.

What’s new

C&TC Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) Provider Hot TopicsC&TC section of the MHCP Provider ManualMHCP Provider News

C&TC brochures

The following English brochures are also available in Lus Hmoob (Hmong), DHS image (Russian), Soomaali (Somali), Español (Spanish) and DHS image (Vietnamese). To view or print a translated version, go to DHS eDocs and enter the DHS form number in the “Search” box. Click the box next to the language that you need. Click the “Search” button.

Child and Teen Checkups (C&TC): Health Care – Birth through age 20 (DHS-1826) (PDF) Your Growing Child (YGC) – A Family Brochure (DHS-2687-2696, 3362-3363)Being healthy: ages 12 to 21 (DHS-2795) (PDF)

MHCP Provider Manual, updates and other information

C&TC providers will find many resources in the MHCP provider website including: Enrolled C&TC provider information page, provider training opportunities, e-mail lists and topic-specific updates. Key C&TC provider updates are listed below.

Fluoride Varnish in the Child and Teen Checkups Setting for C&TC providers

C&TC Coordinator Handbook

C&TC Coordinator Handbook (DHS-5570) (PDF)

C&TC EPSDT Schedule of Age-Related Screening Standards

This document is Minnesota’s age-related screening standards schedule.

C&TC Periodicity Schedule (DHS-3379) (DHS)

This document is Minnesota’s age-related dental standards schedule.

C&TC Dental Schedule (DHS-5544)

C&TC FACT Sheets

The Minnesota Department of Health’s C&TC Screening Component FACT Sheets include current recommendations and literature sites that support the standards.

C&TC Documentation Forms for Providers and Clinics

These age-specific templates include all appropriate C&TC screening components. There is a template for each of the recommended 20 visits between ages 1-2 weeks through 20 years.

The C&TC documentation forms for all ages are in the process of being updated. Meanwhile, refer to the C&TC Schedule of Age Related Screening Standards for visit requirements and recommendations, and to the C&TC Fact Sheets on each component for documentation requirements.

C&TC Documentation Forms for Providers and Clinics (DHS-4813 B-R)

C&TC Screening Checklists for Parents

These checklists provide age-specific screening components to help parents know what to expect at their child’s C&TC screening visits. There is a checklist for each of the recommended 20 visits between ages 1-2 weeks through 20 years (DHS-4311 A – T).

Materials and ordering information

C&TC Materials list and ordering information (DHS-4212A) (PDF)

C&TC Coordinators List

This document lists the C&TC county and tribe coordinators.

C&TC Coordinators List (DHS-4212B) (PDF)C&TC Coordinator Regional Groups Map (DHS-4660) (PDF)


CMS-416 Reports

CMS-416 C&TC Program health screening participation rates for children enrolled in MA or MinnesotaCare. The reports are broken down by state and county/tribe.

CMS-416 Reports

C&TC Outreach and Follow-up Activities Performance Reports

The performance measures in these reports were designed to monitor the administrative outreach and follow-up activities performed by community health boards (CHBs). Beginning in 2003, C&TC Administrative Services contracts include performance measures.

2009 Outreach and Follow-up Activities Performance Report (DHS-4528F) (PDF)

Lead poisoning in children

This report presents data on blood lead testing in Minnesota children from 1999 through 2003.

Lead Poisoning in Minnesota Medicaid Children, 1999-2003 (DHS-4626) (PDF)


Child and Teen Checkups 15-15-01 2016 Interim Bulletin2015-2017 Contract Requirements for Child and Teen Checkups (C&TC) Administrative Services are due October 31, 2014 – Bulletin #14-15-01

C&TC training information

C&TC E-Learning Training Programs (Minnesota Department of Health)Child and Teen Checkups Training Information – To request a training, please submit the request via the online C&TC Training Request Form, which is listed on the web page.

C&TC component screening information

At each C&TC screening, a provider must complete the components identified on the periodicity schedule for the service to be reimbursed as a complete C&TC screening. The schedule includes federally required components for the EPSDT program and some guidelines from professional organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and Bright Futures.

C&TC Provider Guide (DHS-4212) (PDF)Children’s Mental Health

CATCH 3 (C3) user manual

CATCH 3 (C3) is a software system used by C&TC Coordinators and outreach staff to track enrolled children and document outreach and follow-up activities to those families and children. This user manual provides a step-by-step guide to using the software: CATCH3 User Manual (DHS-5071) (PDF)

C3 letters

These letters are sent by county and tribal outreach workers to families who are eligible for MA or MinnesotaCare. They introduce, remind and re-notify families of the C&TC benefits and inform them when the next C&TC screening is due.

Image: Catch3 logo link to Catch 3 User Manual
C&TC C3 introduction letter (DHS-4608) (PDF)
C&TC C3 re-notification letter (DHS-4608A) (PDF)C&TC C3 reminder letter (DHS-4608B) (PDF)C&TC C3 reminder letter for parents under 21 (DHS-4608C) (PDF)

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