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Minnesota Department of Human Services PCA Manual
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Personal Care Assistance

Shared service option for PCA

Page posted: 08/21/09

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Page updated: 08/08/16

Legal Authority

Minn. Stat. § 245A, Minn. Stat. §245C, Minn. Stat. §256B.0659, subd. 16


Shared service option for PCA: Services provided in the same setting at the same time by the same worker for consumers who have entered into an agreement to share services for personal care assistance.


Shared care payment rates apply if a personal care assistant is caring for more than one person in one setting at the same time.

Only one worker can provide services at the same time for those persons who choose the shared care option in the same setting.

The recipient may withdraw from participating in a shared service agreement at any time. Additional units of PCA services are not available based on the selection of the option.

Covered Services

A personal care assistant may provide shared services for two or three consumers receiving PCA services.

Shared services may be delivered:

  • • In a child care program licensed under Minnesota statutes or operated by a local school district or private school
  • • In the home residence or family foster home of one or more of the individuals
  • • Outside the home or shared care site when normal life activities take a person away from the home
  • Non-Covered Services

    Non-covered shared personal care assistant services include the following:

  • • Caring for multiple recipients in more than one setting
  • • Services for more than three recipients by one personal care assistant at the same time
  • • Staff requirements for child care programs
  • • Use of more than one provider agency for the shared services
  • Assessor Responsibilities

    The assessor is responsible to:

  • • Provide information about the shared service option
  • • Add the choice of the consumer onto the PCA Assessment and Service Plan and the Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS)
  • PCA Provider Agency Responsibilities

    The PCA provider agency is responsible to:
    1. The provider agency, along with the consumer, must assure that shared service is appropriate based on the ages of the consumers, compatibility and coordination of their assessed care needs.
    2. The provider must offer the consumer the option of shared care or one-to-one service or a combination of both.
    3. The provider must have the consumers who are sharing care sign the Home Care Shared Services Agreement (HCN or PCA) (DHS-5899 (PDF) and file in the agency file. This form lists the expected outcomes for shared service and is a permission form to share services.

    The PCA provider agency qualified professional must provide:
    1. Training specific for each recipient served.
    2. Evaluation of PCA staff to assure quality of shared services.
    3. Monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness and appropriateness of shared services.
    4. Development of contingency plan with each of the consumers to account for absence of a recipient in a shared services setting due to illness or other circumstances.
    5. Documentation of all training and evaluation completed.

    Recipient Responsibilities

    The recipient/responsible party is responsible to:
    1. Tell the assessor they wish to use the shared care option.
    2. Sign the Home Care Shared Services Agreement (HCN or PCA) (DHS-5899 (PDF)
    3. Participate in the development of the care plan and contingency plans and PCA training.
    4. Notify the PCA provider agency if they want to end shared services.

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