Minnesota Department of Human Services Disability Services Division
Individual Personal Care Assistant Training User Guide

Welcome to the individual personal care assistant training online.

Find the course

1. Open Minnesota Department of Human Services Online Registration at http://registrations.dhs.state.mn.us/ to access the course or register for the test.
2. Click the Individual Personal Care Assistant Training link located under the Continuing Care – Disability Services heading. This takes you to the Individual Personal Care Assistant Training Home page.

Make a choice: Take the course or register to take the test

To take the course, click:
1. Take the Course (this opens a new browser window).
2. The middle blank square in the upper right hand corner of the modules to make the content fill the browser window.
3. On a module link to begin reviewing course content.
4. The X in the upper right hand corner of the modules window to close the course content module when you are done. This allows you to view the Individual Personal Care Assistant Training home page.

To register to take the test, click:
1. The drop down arrow to the right of the Event box.
2. On the Personal Care Assistant (PCA) option.
3. The Next-Register button. This opens the Registration page.

  • • Complete the registration information (Fields and questions with an asterisk* are required and you must complete them)
  • • Enter and confirm a valid email address (your confirmation number and certificate link are sent to that e-mail address)
  • • Read the agreement information (use the scroll bar to the right of the field to move up and down in the box)
  • • Check the box beneath the agreement if you understand the terms of the agreement (you cannot continue if you do not check the box)
  • 5. The Submit button to complete your registration.

    After you submit your registration, the next page will give you a confirmation number. You will also receive an email with this number and the link to the test. You may use the confirmation number cancel a test registration, or you can click the link provided to take the test immediately. Using the email link allows you to take the test as many times as needed without registering again. You may register more than once to take the test, but using the confirmation email link is easier.

    Take the test

    You must answer 20 of 25 questions correctly to pass the test. You may take the test as many times as needed. There is no required wait time between tests. Again, there is a link provided to proceed to the test immediately after you register or you can use the link in the confirmation email sent.

    As you answer each question, the system will tell you if the answer is correct or incorrect. The system will not tell you the correct answer. After you answer the last question, you will go the Results page where you will receive your score and whether or not you have passed the test.

    Test result page
    The Test Results page follows the last question on the test. This page shows:

  • • The number of questions you answered correctly
  • • Your test score
  • • If you passed or failed
  • • Where the email certification link will be sent
  • • A link to the certificate
  • • What modules you should review if you do not receive a passing score
  • Certificate of completion

    When you pass the test, you may print a certificate of completion right away. You will also receive an e-mail with a link to the same certificate.

    1. Print one or more copies of the Certificate of Completion for your records.
    2. Give a copy to any agency that hires you to work as a personal care assistant. The certificate provides information required by employing agencies before hire such as:

  • • Your name
  • • Date you passed the test
  • • Certificate number
  • E-mail notices
    After you register for the test, you receive two types of e-mails from Dhs.DSD.Learn@state.mn.us:
    1. Registration confirmation e-mail includes:

  • • Confirmation number used to cancel the registration
  • • Direct link to the certification test
  • 2. Certification confirmation e-mail includes:

  • • Certificate Number required by PCA agencies before hire for PCA Provider Enrollment
  • • Link to certificates
  • Troubleshooting

    Issue #1: Cannot access course
    Possible Problem: Pop-up blockers are often the reason course information is unavailable.
    Resolution: Turn off pop-up blockers for all browsers and toolbars that you have installed. Instructions for Internet Explorer and Firefox are included below.

    Internet Explorer, go to:
    1. TOOLS on the Internet Explorer Menu bar.
    2. POP-UP BLOCKER to access the blocker settings.
    3. TURN OFF BLOCKER to disable the blocker.

    FireFox, go to:
    1. TOOLS on the Firefox Menu bar to open dropdown menu.
    2. OPTIONS to open the Options window.
    3. CONTENT tab on the Options menu:

  • • Checkbox next to Block pop-up windows should be unchecked
  • • Click the checkbox to disable the blocker.
  • 4. OK to save changes and close.

    Ask for help from a technical person if accessing a public computer or contact technical assistance from your Internet provider for advanced help with pop-up blockers.

    Issue #2: Stop the sound - mute audio
    All modules automatically contain narration that may be annoying to some people.
    Resolution: You have two options to stop the narration:

    1. Page-by-page in course:

  • • Turn the narration off: click the speaker in the upper left corner of the page
  • • Turn the speaker off on each individual page
  • 2. Mute the computer:

  • • Mute the specific computer
  • • Also need to unmute the computer for video clips
  • Still having problems?
    If you still have problems with the course, e-mail questions to Dhs.Dsdtahelp@state.mn.us or call (651) 431-4300 (metro area) or 1 (866) 867-7655 (Toll Free).

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