Minnesota Extended Treatment Options (METO) Settlement

This information is regarding a Class Action Settlement agreement in Jensen et al v. Minnesota Department of Human Services, et al. Court File No. 09-cv-1775. The Court Orders implementing this agreement may have an impact on eligibility determinations for class members.

In summary, the Court Orders provide that the amount being awarded to each individual class member:

• Is not a resource for eligibility purposes • Is not deemed income, a tax liability, or a resource to any class member• Will not affect, in any way, a class member’s eligibility for disability benefits or other related benefits, or otherwise jeopardize the class member’s benefits or programming  • Must not create any adverse effect on class members receiving the apportioned amount• Is intended solely for the benefit of the class members.

The Court Orders also specify that any agency, entity, or individual, private or public, must file a motion and go before the Court if it:

• Disputes the Court’s jurisdiction to make this decision• Contends that a class member’s eligibility should be affected• Believes the award amount should be deemed income, a resource, or in some other way, jeopardize the respective class member’s eligibility in any way

The Court clearly retains the authority to retract an award until such relief is sought from the Court.

If you have questions, contact your legal advisor or the Class Counsel at:


Shamus P. O’Meara
Johnson & Condon, PA
7401 Metro Blvd Suite 600
Minneapolis MN 55439





Court documents

Dec. 5, 2011: METO Final Approval Order (PDF)
Dec. 7, 2011: METO Judgment (PDF)
Feb. 14, 2012: METO Order and Memorandum (PDF)
Feb. 28, 2012: METO Settlement Letter (PDF)
April 23, 2012: METO Order (PDF)

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