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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 04/2016

Each county or tribe receives an annual capped allocation for Basic Sliding Fee (BSF) Child Care Assistance. When funding is not available, establish a waiting list of applicant families who would be eligible if funding was available. Sort the list by the priorities provided below.

1st Priority
Non-MFIP/DWP applicants without a high school or general equivalency diploma, or who need remedial and basic skill courses in order to pursue employment or education leading to employment are considered 1st Priority. Students must be participating in an education program. Within this group, give priority to:

· Parents Under age 18

· Parents 18-20.

· Parents 21 and older

Families within this priority may be eligible for MFIP/DWP Child Care for Student Parents until funding becomes available, if the parent is under age 21, is pursuing a high school or general equivalency diploma, and is not an MFIP participant. Families that appear eligible for MFIP/DWP Child Care for Student Parents should be given a child care application. Families receiving MFIP/DWP Child Care for Student Parents must be reported on the waiting list as 1st Priority while they receive MFIP/DWP Child Care for Student Parents. See Chapter 4.3.15 (MFIP/DWP Child Care for Student Parents).

2nd Priority
Transition Year (TY) families are placed on the waiting list effective the date their TY period ends, however their effective date for the waiting list is the date they first became eligible to apply for TY. If the family moves, their waiting list date transfers with them. If their name reaches the top of the waiting list before TY ends, continue TY and encumber BSF funds for the months remaining in the allocation period. Use the encumbered funds when TY ends.

The length of time on the waiting list reported to DHS should NOT include time spent in TY. Do not include families who are still in their transition year of child care on the waiting list reported to DHS.

Move TY families into BSF child care as soon as possible after completion of TY. If the family’s name doesn’t reach the top of the waiting list by the end of TY, transfer the family to Transition Year Extension (TYE) until BSF funding becomes available. The family retains their TY waiting list date after moving to TYE.

Also give 2nd Priority to families who receive less than 3 months of DWP benefits. These families are not eligible to receive TY Child Care, but are 2nd Priority for BSF.

3rd Priority
Families who are eligible for BSF Portability Pool (PP) are considered 3rd Priority. Families remain in 3rd Priority even if their PP assistance ends. See Chapter (BSF Portability Pool). Report families in this priority starting with the month that they become eligible for PP funding. The family’s effective date on the waiting list should be the date of the family’s move.

4th Priority
Families in which at least one parent in the CCAP family is a veteran as defined under Minnesota Statutes section 197.447 are considered 4th Priority. A veteran is a US citizen or resident non-citizen separated under honorable conditions from any branch of the US armed forces after:

· Serving on active duty for 181 consecutive days.


· Incurring a disability while serving on active duty.


· Meeting the minimum active duty requirement


· Has active military service certified a discharge under honorable conditions.

5th Priority
All other eligible families are considered 5th Priority. Agencies may set priorities within this category. Check your County and Tribal Child Care Fund Plan to see if subpriorities have been established by your agency. For the definition of County and Tribal Child Care Fund Plan, see Chapter 2 (Glossary).

Minnesota Statutes 119B.03
Minnesota Statutes119B.011
Minnesota Rules 3400.0060

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