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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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3.6 Accepting and Processing Applications

ISSUE DATE: 10/2017

Encourage applicants who live in another county to apply in the county where they live. However, you must accept an application from an applicant who does not live in your county and immediately forward the application to the county where the applicant lives.

The date of application is the date any Minnesota county agency receives a signed and dated application. See Chapter 3 (Applications). For paper applications, agencies must use one of the following methods to record the application received date:

  • · Date stamp the application; OR
  • · Sign and date the Agency Signature field on the application.
  • Counties may accept fax applications. Consider fax applications you get on weekends, holidays, or after hours to be received on the same day as the fax date stamp of the application.

    Process the application within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt and mail a notice of approval or denial of assistance to the applicant. You may extend the response time by 15 calendar days if the applicant is informed of the extension.

    If it appears the family may be eligible but is unable to document eligibility, you must offer them the opportunity to sign a release of information allowing you to verify the necessary information.

    When a family requests child care assistance and it appears they are eligible for Basic Sliding Fee (BSF) but funds are not available, inform the family of the waiting list, screen them for potential eligibility, and place them on the waiting list. See Chapter (BSF waiting list management).

    An applicant’s signature on the CCAP application allows counties to give the following information to the provider if the family is eligible:

  • · The family name.
  • · When/if the application is approved.
  • · Hours of care authorized.
  • · Maximum rate that can be paid.
  • · How payments are made.
  • · Notification of changes to the Service Authorization, including changes in number of hours authorized, copayment changes or authorization ending.
  • · Notification when the family’s redetermination is due.
  • All applications for CCAP, whether they are paper or electronic, must be reviewed, entered into MEC2 and processed.

    Electronic applications when CCAP may not be needed

    When the information on an ApplyMN electronic application indicates that the person may not need child care assistance, the worker should contact the applicant and ask if they want to withdraw their application.

  • · If the applicant says they want to withdraw their application, the worker should:
  • 1. Enter basic information into MEC2 via the Application Workflow, coding only the Member, Member II, and Address windows. See the MEC² User Manual section “Enter a New Application.”
  • 2. After coding the Application Workflow windows and sending the case to background, navigate to the Pending Case List window. Follow guidance in the MEC² User Manual section “Deny Application – Client Request.” The case will deny and proper notice will be generated overnight.
  • 3. Document the withdrawal and the reason for it in Case Notes.
  • · If the county is unable to contact the applicant, the worker should process the application as usual.
  • · If the applicant says they want to proceed with the application, the worker should process the application as usual.
  • If the applicant applies for CCAP using ApplyMN and the family is already receiving child care assistance, manually deny the new request using Notice of Denial for Public Assistance Applicants or Recipients (DHS-4532) and document the actions taken in Case Notes.

    Legal authority

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