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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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11.15 Provider Record Keeping

ISSUE DATE: 12/2015

Require child care providers to maintain the following records and make them available to you immediately upon request:


Daily attendance records for children receiving child care assistance:

The attendance records must be completed daily and include the date, the first and last name of each child in attendance, and the times when each child is dropped off and picked up. To the extent possible, the times the child dropped off to and picked up from the child care provider must be entered by the person dropping or picking up the child.

An electronic sign in and out system may meet this requirement, but only if the person doing drop off and pick up is the person who actively participates in signing in or out, using a method such as a pin number or card that is assigned to the parent.

Providers that use this method must be able to provide print outs of each child’s attendance records when requested by the county.

Records must be immediately available upon request of the county, tribe or the Department of Human Services (DHS).

The county is not required to monitor that all providers are meeting this requirement but may request attendance records when in the normal process of administering CCAP or may make a decision to request attendance records when doing provider reviews. If the county knows that providers are not complying with this requirement, the county is required to take action. See Chapter 9.3 (Payment to Providers)

The county may stop payment, deny or end a service authorization to a child care provider when the county knows or has reason to believe that the provider has not kept attendance records for children receiving CCAP. See Chapter 9.3(Payment to Providers).

The daily attendance records must be kept at the site where services are delivered for 6 years after the date the care was provided.


Documentation of 3rd party payments of a family’s copayment, document:

Payment source.

Amount received.

Time period covered.


Documentation of payments made by a source other than the family of part or all of a family’s child care expenses not payable under CCAP if the funds are paid directly to the family’s child care provider on behalf of the family. Examples of a third party payment would be a Post-Secondary Child Care Grant or Early Childhood Education Scholarship. Document:

Payment source.

Amount received.

Type of expenses.

Time period covered.

A provider may use the Child Care Assistance Program Financial Tracking Form (PDF) (DHS-5318-ENG) or use their financial system to document situations #2 and #3 above.


Minnesota Statutes 119B.125, Subd. 6
Minnesota Statutes 119B.12, Subd. 2

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