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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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8.15 Termination

ISSUE DATE: 10/2017

Terminate child care assistance when:

  • · The family asks you to close their case.
  • · The family is no longer eligible. There are different eligibility requirements at redetermination than during a family’s 12 month eligibility period.
  • - At redetermination, families must meet eligibility requirements in Chapter 4 (Eligibility requirements) and Chapter 6 (Income eligibility).
  • - There are limited reasons for termination during the 12 month eligibility period. Do not apply redetermination eligibility requirements during the 12 month eligibility period.
  • · A member of the family has been disqualified.
  • Send a notice of termination to the family at least 15 calendar days before closing the case. See Chapter 12.3.12 (Termination notices - Family).

    Reasons for termination during the 12 month eligibility period

    During the 12 month eligibility period, you must terminate a family’s eligibility when:

  • · The family’s income exceeds 85% of SMI
  • · A parent in the household is not engaged in an authorized activity meeting minimum activity requirements.
  • · The family has not paid their copayment.
  • · The family moves out of state.
  • · The family moves to a new county and did not contact the new county within 60 days.
  • · The family’s time on portability pool ends and there is not funding for BSF.
  • · There are no eligible children in the household.
  • · The only parent in the household has been temporarily absent for more than 60 days and is not in an authorized activity. See Chapter 5.6 (CCAP family – Temporary absence).
  • · The family’s MFIP eligibility ends, they are not eligible for TY and there is not funding for BSF.
  • Legal authority

    Minnesota Statutes 119B.025
    Minnesota Statutes 119B.09
    Minnesota Rules 3400.0183, subp. 2 and 5
    Minnesota Rules 3400.0040, subp. 6a
    Minnesota Rules 3400.0185

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