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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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9.1.4 Authorizing Care-Job Search

ISSUE DATE: 12/2017

Job search activities include locating, contacting, preparing for interviews and interviewing with potential employers, and travel time associated with these activities.

Job search outside of an Employment Plan

For MFIP/DWP participants without an approved Employment Plan and BSF, TY, and TYE participants, authorize child care for job search or related activities up to a maximum of 240 hours per calendar year. Authorize job search only at application or redetermination for no more than 40 hours in a biweekly period or less if requested by the participant. Do not authorize job search in combination with other activities.

Job search as part of an Employment Plan

Job search is not limited to 240 hours per calendar year and can be authorized at any time during the 12 month eligibility period (not just at redetermination and application) if included in an approved MFIP or DWP Employment Plan Authorize care according to the approved Employment Plan.

Counting job search hours

Job search hours should be counted using only the hours of child care authorized for the job search activity (including travel time, if needed). For example, if the parent is authorized for six hours per day of child care for the job search activity and the provider charges a daily rate, count only six hours of job search toward the 240 hours allowed per year.

If the amount of child care authorized is being reduced, a 15 day notice is required. During the notice period, count only the hours the parent is job searching toward the 240 hours allowed per year. For example, if 40 hours of care biweekly was previously authorized and care is being decreased to 20 hours biweekly, pay the 40 hours of care through the required notice period but only count the 20 hours used for job search toward the 240 hours allowed per year. Hours authorized for job search should only be reduced at the parent’s request.

Do not verify the actual numbers spent on job search or require families to submit job search logs.

Legal authority

Minnesota Statutes 119B.10, subd.1
Minnesota Rules 3400.0040, subp.15a

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