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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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8.9 Suspending

ISSUE DATE: 08/2014

When there are temporary breaks when child care assistance is not needed, a case can be suspended and a family can remain eligible for up to one year. See Chapter 2 (Glossary).

Suspend a case for a period of time up to 1 year when ALL of the following conditions exist:

There is a temporary break during which child care is not needed.

The family remains eligible for child care assistance.

Some suspension examples include but are not limited to:

School age children not needing care during the school year.

Cost of care is less than the family’s copayment for a temporary period of time.

A student is on break between quarters or semesters including summer breaks, but is registered for the next quarter or semester. See Chapter 9.12 (Authorized Hours – Students) for more information about suspending care for students on break.

A participant is on maternal/paternal leave from his/her job and provides documentation that they will be returning to their employment.

A participant is temporarily laid off from his/her job, but provides documentation that he/she is still considered an employee.

The family has not identified a provider.

A family whose only child receiving child care assistance has been placed in foster care and is expected to return to the home within 1 year.

The family meets all eligibility requirements but has not provided employment and/or class schedules for each adult family member. Proof of employment and/or class schedules is not a condition of eligibility, but is needed to authorize child care appropriately.

The family meets all eligibility requirements but there is no verification of school schedule for every child who needs child care and attends school. Proof of school schedule is not a condition of eligibility, but is needed to authorize child care appropriately. Families with an approved MFIP/DWP Employment Plan are not required to verify the child’s school schedule if the Employment Services worker has taken the child’s school schedule into account and indicated the days and the hours that child care is needed.


Minnesota Statutes 119B
Minnesota Rules 3400.0035
Minnesota Rules 3400.0060

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