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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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4.3.12 Basic Sliding Fee (BSF)

ISSUE DATE: 12/2018

Basic Sliding Fee (BSF) overview

The Basic Sliding Fee (BSF) child care assistance program helps eligible families not receiving MFIP or DWP cash assistance pay for child care costs while parents participate in employment and/or approved education programs, or job search activities. See Chapter 4.6.6 (Authorized Activities outside an Employment Plan).

The BSF program is not fully funded. CCAP agencies receive a yearly allocation for the Basic Sliding Fee (BSF) sub-program. This mean if funds are not available when a family makes an assistance request, families are subject to a waiting period until funds become available. Wait times vary per CCAP agency.

Establishing a waiting list

When funding is not available for BSF child care assistance, CCAP agencies must establish a waiting list and add families to the waiting list at the highest priority level that the family qualifies for based on a preliminary eligibility determination. See Chapter 16.36 (BSF waiting list considerations) and Chapter (BSF priorities). The waiting list must be reviewed and updated at least every six months. See Chapter (BSF waiting list management). All agencies are required to report waiting list numbers monthly. See Chapter 16.39 (BSF waiting list reporting).

Moving families off the waiting list

When funding is available BSF child care assistance can be approved if all eligibility requirements are met. See Chapter 6.3 (Income limits) and Chapter 4.6.6 (Authorized activities outside an Employment Plan).

Portability pool

Families that receive BSF in a county that has funds available and move to a county that does not have funds available will be served under BSF Portability Pool funding for six months after the unitary residency period. See Chapter (BSF portability pool).

BSF program length of service

There is no maximum time limit a family can receive BSF. Once a family becomes eligible for BSF child care assistance the family can receive BSF child care assistance until the family loses eligibility during the 12-month period, at redetermination, or when the youngest child in the family is too old to receive CCAP.

Legal authority

Minnesota Statute 119B.025
Minnesota Statute 119B.03
Minnesota Statute 119B.09
Minnesota Statute 119B.10
Minnesota Rules 3400.0060

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