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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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8.3.3 Agency Responsibilities for Family Reporting

ISSUE DATE: 04/2018

Agencies must take prompt action on all changes to determine if the change affects the household’s eligibility or family copayment amount without requiring verification of any eligibility factors that did not change. Changes must be acted on within 10 calendar days from the date the change was reported or becomes known to the agency. Agencies should consider the family’s reporting type and verification requirements for the family’s reporting type to determine what changes requires agency action, See Chapter 8.3.6 (Reporting types).

Timely agency actions include:

  • · Requesting verification if the change needs to be verified. Do not require verification of changes for on-going eligibility during a family’s 12 month eligibility period. See Chapter 7.4 (Verification – 12 month eligibility period).
  • · Sending a 15 day notice of adverse action to the family, and/or to child care provider if a verified, reported change resulted in an adverse action to the family and/or the child care provider. See Chapter 12 (Notices).
  • · Entering a case note if a reported change was not required to be reported and would not benefit the family to process.
  • For information that becomes known to the agency:

  • · If the information was not required to be reported and does not impact eligibility or authorized hours, agencies do not need to take further action on the information. See Chapter 7.4 (Verification – 12 month eligibility period).
  • · If the information indicates the family may not be eligible or if it may affect the family’s reporting status, agencies must follow up on the information.
  • · If the information indicates the family’s benefits could increase, agencies can follow up on the information. For example, if information shows the family’s income decreased, the worker can inform the family that if they want their benefits to increase they can verify the change. Agencies should develop internal practices to apply consistently to all families.
  • There is no overpayment if the family reported the change timely and the agency acted on the change timely.

    Agencies can send the CCAP Change Report Form DHS-4794 (PDF) to eligible families as a method of reporting changes. Assist families who need help to complete the report form. Family use of this form is optional. Changes can also be reported in person, by phone, by facsimile, and/or by mail (including electronic email).

    Legal authority

    Minnesota Statutes 119B.025
    Minnesota Rules 3400.0040, subp. a and b

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