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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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7 Verification

ISSUE DATE: 10/2017

The Child Care Assistance Program requires verification of certain information. Families have the primary responsibility to verify information.

Any form of verification is acceptable if it confirms the client’s statement. Do not demand a specific document or form of verification

Sources of verification include:

  • · Written records or documents.
  • · Written or oral statements from people outside the family.
  • · Written client statement, in some situations.
  • Allow families at least 15 days to provide requested verification. See Chapter 7.1 (Verification due dates) for exceptions.

    Helping families get verification

    You must help families who have trouble getting proof. Families must either provide necessary proof or give their written consent for you to get the information. Certain information may be verified using various DHS systems or third-party interfaces. See Chapter 7.24 (Verification - DHS systems).

    Client statement

    With the exception of most income and income deduction verifications, when proof is not available despite the efforts of you and the family, get a signed statement from the family attesting to the correctness of the information. A client statement can be used to verify self-employment income, the date the last paycheck was received and certain child support income. For the purpose of obtaining verification, information reported on the application, redetermination, or change report form does not qualify as proof.

    Refusing to provide verification

    If a family refuses to help or deliberately fails to cooperate to verify an eligibility factor, deny or terminate child care assistance. If the unverified eligibility factor affects only a family member (such as a child’s immigration status), deny or end the member’s eligibility. If the unverified factor affects the entire unit (such as income), deny or close the case.

    See the following chapter sections for more information:

  • · 7.1 (Verification due dates).
  • · 7.3 (Verification – Initial application).
  • · 7.4 (Verification – 12 month eligibility period).
  • · 7.6 (Verification - Eligibility redetermination).
  • · 7.9 (Income verification).
  • · 7.12 (Verifying citizenship and immigration status).
  • Legal authority

    Minnesota Rules 3400.0040
    Minnesota Statutes 119B.025
    Minnesota Statutes 119B.09
    Minnesota Rules 8290
    Minnesota Statutes 5B

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