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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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8.1.18 Other Changes

ISSUE DATE: 10/2017

Changes in citizenship or immigration status

See Chapter 4.15 (Citizenship and immigration status) for eligibility requirements for legal immigration status related to children in the CCAP family.

  • · If a child in the CCAP family’s legal immigration status ends prior to the end of the 12-month eligibility period, contact your CCAP policy specialist.
  • · If a child in a CCAP family has not verified their citizenship or legal immigration status and requests a child care authorization in a setting not subject to public educational standards, the Service Authorization cannot be issued until citizenship or legal immigration status is verified.
  • Change in custody schedule

    If there is a change in a family’s custody schedule:

  • · If the children now spend more time in the household and additional care is needed, authorize additional child care hours.
  • · If the children now spend less time in the household, adjust the family’s Service Authorization based on when the child is in the household. Give a 15-day adverse action notice before reducing authorized hours. Follow instructions in the MEC2 User Manual for Reduction of Hours to a Provider Requiring a 15-day Adverse Action Notice Workaround.
  • · If the child is no longer in the CCAP household:
  • - If the absence is expected to be temporary, you may suspend the case or make the family temporarily ineligible. See Chapter 8.9 (Suspension) and Chapter 8.6 (Temporary ineligibility).
  • - If the absence is permanent, remove the member from the household. If there are no other eligible children in the CCAP household, you may terminate the family’s eligibility. See Chapter 8.15 (Termination).
  • Other changes

    If there are other changes in the CCAP family during the family’s 12 month eligibility period that are not covered in Chapter 8 of this manual, contact your CCAP policy specialist.

    Legal authority

    Minnesota Statutes 119B.025

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