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Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Policy Manual
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ISSUE DATE: 04/2016

If you have determined that a family is or will be eligible for the Basic Sliding Fee (BSF) sub-program, but funds are not immediately available, put the family on the BSF waiting list. Perform a preliminary determination of eligibility based on family size, income, and authorized activity. Determine the highest priority group for which the family qualifies. See Chapter (BSF Priorities).

When funding becomes available, go to the top of the list and authorize assistance for the number of eligible families the funding will cover. Families receiving MFIP/DWP Child Care for Student Parents are included in the 1st priority and must be added to BSF before families in lower priorities.

If the family at the top of the list is temporarily ineligible for child care, leave the family at the top of the list of their priority group and authorize the next applicant on the list. Check your County and Tribal Child Care Fund Plan to see if your county or tribe has established a different procedure for handling families who are temporarily ineligible and at the top of the waiting list.

Add families who inquire or apply while they are temporarily ineligible to the waiting list, if it appears they will be eligible.

Review and update the waiting list at least every 6 months. It is extremely important to keep the list up-to date, as it can affect your county or tribe’s funding.


Minnesota Statutes 119B.03
Minnesota Rule 3400.0035
Minnesota Rule 3400.0060
Minnesota Rule 3400.0040

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